Thursday, December 15, 2011

Starwars The Force Unleashed 2 - PS3

Loved the first one, got super excited for the second one when all the trailers came out, the cinematic trailers that is, no in game stuff.

But after I read the reviews and friends who had played the game thoughts on it, It sounded like a big disappointment. So I didn't pick it up.

But seeing the game in the bargain bin for 10$ has to be worth 10$?!..and you know sure is a $10 game. The whole game feels more like a add-on or collection of add-ons put together to make up 1 whole game.

The main story is only 4 hrs long and you start off with all the same powers you had in the last game, same upgrade system, everything. They literally didn't add anything new to the Force Unleashed series. Except now he has 2 light sabers, which honestly doesn't make up for all the shortcomings everywhere else.

The battles become repetitive, same mini bosses over and over all the way to the very end. Playing the game on its harder difficulty does nothing buy increase the damage enemies do to you. So if you play defensively, you can avoid most everything. But take 1 or 2 hits and your done for. It doesn't make for a especially enjoyable game play session.

The other add on was the challenge rooms, much like god of war has. Don't get me wrong, these are enjoyable, but again..they feel shoved into the game to add filler to a lacking product. Almost like they were going to ship the game by itself and realized that the final product was enough and people would feel ripped off, so they added these challenge rooms that they were otherwise going to release later and charge people for them.

This game just feels lacking in every way a game can. It is a shadow of the what the first game was and although I only payed 10 bucks for the game, I still somehow feel disappointed. And if you were thinking that they saved some cool cut scenes for people who bought the game and played through it...think again. They showed anything that was cool and full of fan service online with teasers. There was nothing in the game that would have been a surprise because they spoiled it all online promoting the game. Just downright shameful.

The only enjoyable thing about the game were the boss battles, they were different enough that I didn't feel bored. Unlike the entirety of the game, I felt like I was playing the game just so I could get to the end and have it finished and see the ending. This game is a big let down and I only recommend it if you are a Starwars fan and you can find it cheap, ....really cheap.


Anonymous said...

But it does look pretty! I played it, enjoyed it somewhat, but had more fun in the first Unleashed spamming force tokens ;D

Blake said...

Yeah, I enjoyed the time I had with it..but overall, it just seemed a soda pop that was left out opened and now all the fizz is gone,lol