Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry HanaKwanamast !

Haven't been posting on here as of late, as Bob Cratchet said to Scrooge after arriving 18 min late the day after Christmas," I've been making rather Merry as of late". Just a little update over the holidays.

Ive gotten my P11 Turtlebeach headphones.I only have one thing to say about them,"Where have they been my entire life?!" I must have been living under a rock when it came to gaming with a good set of headphones.

I waited on playing DeadSpace 2 on Jay's comments that it enhances the atmospheric experience with headphones. And boy! does it ever!!! I played for 45 min and had to turn it off cause my heart rate was racing...it probable didn't help that I was playing late at night with the lights off. But holy shit...I was honestly enthralled, sucked in to the game.

So many sounds, noises that you just don't hear when you play regularly...even surround sound doesn't compare. Your hearing bumps..too the left..too the right...what was that over there. I found myself turning my head in the room, let alone in the game. I even frighten myself a couple times..when a door slammed..and I thought it was in door in my room.

Tried Battlefield 3 with them and its like discovering a whole new game. Bullets zipping by your head...following the sounds of gun fire to locate a sniper laying down. Its amazing.. I honestly can say without a doubt..that these headphones change the way I see and experience games. They are amazing..anyone who have never tried them...you are doing yourself a disservice by not playing with these....they are amazing!!

I don't think I will play games any other way now..and if these headphones exploded tomorrow..I run right out and get another pair. Fantastic..do yourself a favor and go get some today.


Kelli said...

I heard of those headphones, and I noticed they were all different prices, how much were the ones you have?

Blake said...

The ones I got were $59.99