Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year and Jazz That it Is!!

Finished Deadspace 2...thought about going back and platinuming it, seeing as I platinumed the first one. But then I looked at all the games in my back log and realize that if I want to ever play them and not accumulate more...then I need to move on.

Just looking what needs to be done to plat DS2...its gonna take me another 30 plus hrs. Heck..that's the game time of at least 2 more games at 15 hrs a piece. So many more games need to be taken of my list first. For now..I have to force my OCD down in a hole and not worry about completing it to 100% and start a new game, maybe Batman, City...maybe infamous 2?...who knows. Perhaps I'll just go back and play some stress free Battlefield.

Anywho...last post of the year..a couple more days before work starts up again...a new blog happening soon that will display my transformer collection. Here's to a New and Happier Year to everyone. Play friendly my fellow gamers.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Years to you too!
I'd suggest Infamous 2. It's really easy to platinum and can be done on your first playthrough.

Oliver M said...

Happy new year!