Friday, November 4, 2011

Uncharted 3 Disc Problems

So there seems to be a few issues with Uncharted 3 not playing properly on some Ps3's. My good friend over at Portable Soldier is on his 4th copy and still can't get it to work. Problem is disc can't even load and when it does, its plays between 4-6 FPS.

Its pretty shitty problem, is it console related?, a code thing? a disc issue?? If Naughty Dog can answer any of these issues it be great. But so far nothing, I guess its not big enough for them to care. Which is sad, this should be fixed for all users, even if they are a small minority of players. If it were me, I think you lose me as customer. Ain't that right Activision!...stupid X-men Destiny making me buy crappy games.


Unknown said...

I had this issue, and decided after hours of messing with it to return it to Amazon. The lack of any statement about the issue from Naughty Dog really annoys me. The issue is documented by hundreds of people on forums, YouTube, FB, and Twitter.

Blake said...

I know..its sad to see that they aren't acknowledging this problem. Its because of this that I am not going to buy this game. Only until they say, they are aware of the problem and it is now fixed, will I get the game.