Thursday, November 3, 2011

DCU Online - Sorta?

Been trying to play DCU Online with not much luck. Like most people, I'd imagine there is a giant flux of people trying to test this game out which probable results in the servers having a hissy fit and locking up.

Hell, I've been sitting here infront of the computer goofy around while the PS3 has been trying to connect to a game for the past hr and 15 min with no luck. It tells me that the servers are unavailable or some other error.

I did manage to connect last night for about a hr or so. Created a character and was dropped into the world. After the initial set up, the game doesn't do much to tell you whats going on in the world. I don't have a clue where I am, what I have do, what the hell any of my menus do or what I am suppose to be looking it. The only people that I hear through the headset are people talking about how this is there first time followed by," Where am I and What the Hell am I suppose to do?"

Being my First MMO I am totally lost, don't have a clue whats happening or how the game works, how to interact with others, anything. If it wasn't for the the fact that I am enjoying the DC universe I would have uninstalled it and deleted it by now.

But I've only played it for a little over an hr, so I can't really write it off just yet. I want to really get into the meat of it before I call final judgment on it just yet. I fell like somebody just gave me the board game Risk and didn't give me the instruction booklet.

Here's hoping I can connect and try this out some more.