Friday, October 21, 2011

Gears 3 in Co-op

Recently finished Gears 3 in co-op with a friend. Like most, not all...but most co-op games are great fun with others. Gears is no exception, great fun. I can't comment on any other aspect of the game besides the single player portion done in co-op mode. Which can be done with up to 4 players online, that must be fun?!

This is a game that would make me buy back my Xbox and get a gold membership and that's saying alot. As I read the that they have the hardest achievements on the xbox with get 6000 kills with each weapon being one of them. Hell, it took me months to get 10,000 kills in Resistance 2, so those numbers are truly only for people who do nothing else but play Gears 3 daily.

Overall, Its still gears, but with my favorite new thing is the Hammerburst, but it has a iron site which really gives a tactile feel to the 3rd person runner. That gun was my go to gun throughout the entire game.

And the game overall still feels like a gears of war game. But there are the same things which I still don't like in the game, such as the roll and take cover button being the same one. This results in me hiding against a wall out in the open when I wanted to roll to safety.

That and when enemies get face to face with you, shooting from the hip is pretty much useless. So you have to use your iron sites, but your two close to get a bead on the enemy and just results in a mess.

Two things that has been in all of the games and never fixed them. I guess I'm in the minority about those complaints.

But if you are going to play gears, play with a friend, its just some great fun. Especially when you watch your partner, grab the mortar, aim it at his feet and blow the shit outta himself. Then you laugh and pick up the gun and do the same thing he just did. Its great fun. They say this is the last gears, I doubt that. As long as game keeps making decent money, they will keep making them. It may change developers hands, but I don't think we seen the last of Gears.


Big D said...

You should buy back your xbox because we need help badly to finally beat horde mode haha