Friday, October 21, 2011

Better Than Most Things Geroge Lucas Touches

There's a couple things that make me sad about this video. First, its sad that a video game trailer is 100 times better than most things that George Lucas puts his hands on. I watched 6 min of that video and its already better than 3 hrs of most of his movies.

Secondly, I doubt that the game play will give me the chills that one's experiences from watching that master piece. From what I am told, MMO's are more of grinders with pockets of action? But I don't know, since I really never played one. ( I did try Dungeons and Dragons Online - but was bored with the wizard and warriors scenarios)

Regardless, this video is old and still awesome, hell I may just buy the game just to see the whole story.


Kelli said...

I never been a star wars fan but I was told if I like Mass Effect I would like this game. but I don't know if I can dedicate myself to another mmo right now

Blake said...

Im keeping my pants on for DCU MMO and I guess that will be my bar for if I try Starwars MMO.