Friday, September 2, 2011

Someone Has No Life

I do enjoy trophy hunting, but only on games that I enjoy. If I don't like the game, then I won't play it just to get the trophies( thats the difference between a trophy hunter and trophy whore - get that through your heads, people ;)

This guy here has reached the cap of trophies with level 50 and 13,604. Thats 289 Platinums alone!!! (Its went up since then, but he's still stuck on level 50) I can only imagine to even do that, you must do nothing else but play games?! Even if the guy has a job, all of his waking time must be spent into playing games. This can't be healthy?!

I can only equate it to being a hoarder, but instead of it being something bad. The hoarder invites everyone into his/her house and says" Look at all the stuff I got!!..It took me years to get it all looking like this".

Its crazy!!! I mean, I just went back to get all the trophies in Stacking, but I enjoyed that game and getting the trophies were fun, but this is just insane.


Kelli said...

I'll get my trophy one day... You... you... you just wait and see

Blake said...

I'm sure you will, keep at it.