Thursday, September 1, 2011

Please Oh Please Don't Suck!!

I've seen these developer behind the scenes videos pre-release of a game all too often. The heads of the video game guys come out and show us" LOOK AT THIS GREAT VOICE TALENT" - " WE WANT TO DO SOMETHING NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN BEFORE" - " A RICH ENVIRONMENT". I've hear it all before.

The biggest offender of this was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, if you watch their pre-release video and then play the game, boy what a croc of lies and bullshit. At one point I think they are talking about a different game, cause it sure as heck doesn't match the poor excuse of a video game I just played.

Its because I like superhero genre type games that draws me in. I do like the characters and the Marvel/DC World. So I do hope the games are good. But this is a video that just full of producer fodder and makes me weary to anything they are saying as being true.

Especially with a certain studio"Act-ta-sight" (wink wink) behind the scenes. They are well known for pushing games out before they are ready, just to make a profit. So I do hope that everything they are saying in this video is true and it is a great game, heck a good game even.

I will be following this one closely.