Monday, August 29, 2011

Today's Headlines

You ever read some of the headlines that some gaming sites put up? I mean, I'm no wordsmith myself, but I also don't have editors, writers, game testers, a full on game site either. I was just thinking how some of these headlines are just plain silly. Lets begin with some of today's headlines.

"Does Playstation 3's Price Cut Matter?"
- What does this have to do with anything? The only thing this article is going to do is bring on fanboy rage. It matters to the PS3 fanboys and doesn't matter to the Xbox 360 Fanboys, that's about it. I think IGN just likes to hear fanboys complain at eachother.

"Dumpster Baby"
- Whats to say here, I agree. There isn't enough awareness about dumpster babies. They are like the ulgy cousins of cabbage patch babies.

"Star Fox, Kid Icarus, Link/Sonic porn, and more now in 3D"
- It has the word porn in it, with a fury blue animal and a human. I can only imagine the comments on this article. Lets move on, I'm not touching that.

"Pin-Up Quitter Gets Crazy, Sings Songs, and Flashes Butt Cheeks"
- People always like a good , 'some person went crazy and mooned someone" story. So I will click it and see if its worth it, be right back...........WOW!!!!! that was a waste of time. There is no story or article, its just a video of a girl dancing around in lingerie, while holding her boobs...what the hell am I saying..its soft core porn with some Asian chick singing, " Chupa Chupa".

I like to say there were more, but I checked the other sites and all the other ones were pretty informative with their namings and articles, for today anyway.

If I had to pick a winner or I guess loser out of today's article headlines. I have to give it to Kotaku's Headline. It gives the hint that there's a story of some chick going crazy and showing her butt checks in the process and ends up being some weird Japanese music video followed by another weird video of some fat guy getting hosed by a bunch of girls in bikinis. So that's my winner..GOOD JOB!!


Kelli said...

"ugly cousins of the cabbage patch babies", lol. I had to slap my knee on that one

Blake said...

Almost has fun as the well known Toe tapping good time.