Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Savage Moom - PS3

About time is all I have to say, infact I have at least half a dozen DLC games that I can say that about.

Finally buckled down and found some time to finish my DLC games. Seeing as September is going to be the start of a crazy( but great) game release. I got a week to finish as many DLC games that I own. Just have to find the time to play them. Time...you are my NEMESIS!!!

Anybeans, Savage Moon is a Tower Defense RTS and much like many types of these games. I always manage to miss out on a pivotal feature with these games. Mush like Pixel Junk Monsters, the key to that games was selling specific towers at certain times and replacing them with different ones, that was the key to winning.

For savage moon, it was finding the right time to push the next wave of enemies and find the one spot to build all your towers.

I guess that was the big difference in this tower defense and others I've played. Other RTS you find strategic places to put certain towers ALL OVER the map. With savage moon, you want to find a large enough area that you can cluster has many guns in one area as possible. Even though you can build all types of different weapons. You really only need 4 types.

The main gun, anti air gun, repair base, power base. That's really it, there are so many other weapons, but I used mostly those 4 for the majority of the game.

But like always I only learned this from watching videos of other people playing. So see what am I doing wrong, why am I always losing. Well you lose, if you put your towers all over the place. You need to keep them in bunches, so your repair towers and power booster towers effect your weapons directly.

So knowing that, it really does make playing the game fun and enjoyable to not knowing these things and making the game frustrating and not fun.

That's what I find about these games, you have to find the "how to play this game" with trial and error. I just don't have the time to figure this out, when I've died for the 13th time and each round last about 10-15 min, well failing alot tends to add up. So I have to figure out what to do rather quickly.

But after I did, it was a very enjoyable game. But the learning curve( for me) was hard. I can only recommend this game if you are a tower defense RTS fan. Otherwise, take a pass.