Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm BACK!!!! - Now Put Some Pants On!

Hello good people of Gotham!!.....I'm Batman.

I'm back!! back in the New York Groove!!! I don't live in New York and I don't feel like I'm grooving? Just let me grooving. But its the best song I can find to show how I feel at the moment.

I've also been going through some medical issues, while still not solved have subsided alot of the problems that just knocked me back on my bottom. So I have been feeling better, even though I still have no answers, I feel better. So enough of that...Here's a re-cap of what I've been up to or what was interesting to me the past month and a bit.

I've finish Dragon Age: Origins. I had got the ultimate edition with all the DLC on steam and was determined to go through the whole game and finish all the DLC. But as I have stated before, I am a one RPG a year type of guy and I hit my RPG wall 86 hrs in. I did manage to finish the game and 4 DLC packs, after that I felt like that Man Vs Food guy. I just couldn't do anymore, I can't...stick a fork in me, I'm done.

In conclusion, its a really great game. The story is amazing and I'm not a story gamer. I could care less if a story is interesting or not. But its really well done here. Great Game, I should have played it sooner, but then I wouldn't be able to take advantage of all the the DLC and full game at a discount price. So that's a win for me.....I'm winning. So this is what Charlie Sheen must feel like?!

I've started watching a new show on Kotaku called Retro Game Master and loving it. Its a Japanese show where they film this one guy trying to beat these random old games. Its all sub-titled, but the its the host of the show that I get a kick out of. Unlike most old retro gaming shows. He doesn't get mad, he just gets heart broken or laughs at his failures. Its very different and a riot to watch this guy. Its on once a week on Kotaku on Thursdays. Give it a watch, its a very different show. Click here to watch his recent video and watch his older ones in the side menu.

In moron news that I thought was pretty funny. The new trend on TV is all these storage wars, auction hunters, etc, etc. The one on spike TV storage wars recently had this one guy just about shit his pants when he found a NES-001. Yup, that's right he found one of the first Nintendo-DS systems, the fabled NES-001, that sold on the internet for $13,000.

This guy looks like he got it together right?! Way to go fella! Its good to see the special people getting involved with TV.

This goes to show, that sometimes, these guys don't have a clue what there talking about. What the guy is referring to is the the Nintendo that sold with 5 games, one of those games being a rare Stadium Events game. But just watch the vid and watch all his stupidity for yourself. Go to 15:30 to see him find it, then 18:30 to watch him being told its worth nothing. Click Here to watch this guy in action.

I've started playing Bioshock 2 and I guess enough time as passed since the first one that I am really really enjoying the second one. Its like visiting a old friend again. Which I think is my mentality with second versions of games. Normally I don't get too excited about the next V2 of a game, infact I don't really care. But I think the reason being is that I just finished playing the first one, I don't feel like playing it any longer. But leave enough time to go by and go back to it much much later and its a whole new fresh feeling. Great game!! I remember the reviews saying that the its a good game, but the first one is better. Well I have to disagree....but only on the merits of if you've waited 3 years between each one:)

Transformers Browers game????what is this? Its free to play?!!...I want to know more.please tell me more...what type of game is this? Can I name myself bumblebum? The trailer(teaser) is pretty cool, but I would like to see some game play and know more about the whole of this game.

There's other things that I like to mention, but that will be it for my return post. As I say to my cousin when ending a session of online shooters. Shoot ya's Later!


Edward said...

Nice to sse you back, mate!