Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 2 of Being Back!

With a month of being away from the blog, alot of gaming news and my own nonsense with gaming has happened. Too much to put in one post, so here is the 2nd part of all that.

Just happened today, but been hearing about for some time is Borderlands 2 ( Damn, I still have to kill that stupid big Crab thing) The trailer looks great and to be honest I was wondering how they would translate that one song that they open the first game with. With the teaser today, I'm liking the new transition, that banjo thingy music mabob!..I like what I am seeing so far and will be jumping on this bad boy the day it comes out.

Playing alot of Mini's from the PS store. I do buy these games, but being a PLUS member, you get alot of these for free. So yeah, I'll try these out for free. Some of them are pretty good. I've been having a ton of fun with OMG-Z. Its a puzzle type game, that really didn't have to be zombie themed, it could have been aliens, weird monsters, but I guess they were jumping on the "put zombie into everything these days" wagon. But!..it is damn fun, the graphics look like crap, the sound is horrible, but the game play is damn addictive. Its free for PLUS users, I recommend checking it out. I was very surprised by this one.

I played a handful of other mini's and honestly, none of them were that interesting, the one called Monsters something?!...I forget the whole name, but its basically Feeding frenzy, except your a furry Sulley type monster.

I tried my first PSOne classic on the PS3 this past month. A game that I wanted to try when it first game out and never got around to it. That was Medi-evil with the Jack skelington type character. Despite the lower graphics, I found myself enjoying this game alot. But it is really hard to go back to blocky polygon characters. But the game play is enjoyable, I may try and finish this game, I don't know yet. But this one was free on the Plus.

Playstation PLUS, I can honestly say that at this point, I have gotten more than my money worth from this. Free games, add-ons, themes, avatars. If you are an avid gamer at all, you will get more than get your money's worth from this service. In my opinion, it is more than worth the money. Not just free games and discounts, but all the bells and whistles, its great. I can honestly say I am enjoying plus. I'll give a proper update on this soon. Here's a behind the scenes video of making of the game. Interesting 90's stuff.

MMO, do I jump into this genre or not?! With them going to console and me recently playing dragon age on steam. I've come to the conclusion that I do prefer to game on a console. I'm just not a PC guy, yes they have their advantages of better graphics and performance if you have a machine that can handle it. Key mappings makes it much easier to play RPG's with all the extra buttons and playing a shooter with a mouse and keyboard is arguable a better way to play a shooter. But in the end, I just prefer a console. Its a preference, a preference that is making me question playing DC Universe Online. But again going back to the $15 a month subscription. I just don't play that often to warrant that kind of money. So we shall see.

Here's a video a Brit Blok going through the character creation process. Its interesting for those of us who haven't seen anything and the guy is entertaining to listen too.

And that's all I can think of so far, so here's to being back and keeping things interesting.


Big D said...

Aw yeah pacroid is back! *Puts on Bad Boys 2 glasses*

Shit just got real.

Blake said...

Uhh, do we have to play Bad Boys 2?!...I always get stuck with being Martin. What if we played Turner and Hooche instead?!

Kelli said...

I can't wait for borderlands 2. The banjo music sounds cool but I will always love the first theme