Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Street Fighter vs Tekken - Am I Excited Yet?

This is the first trailer that I saw of this game that made me slightly more interested. But there are just a few concerns that I have over the game.

1. This looks more like a Street Fighter Game with Tekken Characters than a Tekken Game with Street Fighter Characters. It doesn't seem to have a blend of the time, but rather one (Tekken) making a appearance in the Street Fighter world. That make sense?

2. How will they treat the button commands for moves. A move set of SF are really different than the move sets for Tekken...heck any fan of the series, knows what it takes to pull off King's wrestling combo, its nothing like a SF combo. So again...will they just turn all the move sets to SF settings?

3.I honestly think that Tekken fans (myself included) may be disappointed with it..maybe? Thats why the jury is still out. But I've had my fill of SF type combat with SF4, SSF4 and MvsC3. They are built the same in regards to how they play..I don't know if I can take another one.

But I am more interested than what I was....Will be watching this one more closely as time goes on.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you gotta worry. There are two games on the works. TxSF and SFxT. Both being developed by different companies and both with different art styles and game styles. I guess that's something right?


Blake said...

Really? So one can play A Tekken game with Street Fighter characters and vice versa?

That does make it more interesting.

Artelios Rosewater said...

Yeah, there's this one which is Street Fighter x (pronounced "cross") Tekken which is being developed by Capcom which features Tekken Character's in the current Street Fighter 4 style.

Next year or so Namco Bandai is producing Tekken x Street Fighter which will feature Street Fighter characters in a Tekken style. I look forward to seeing Namco's approach more since I'm a little tired of the balloon characters on steroids that Capcom seems to be making of late.

As for button commands, I believe that the SF x T is being built in the current SF button in puts, while when Namco makes their version, it will be done with the Tekken flavor of button pressing.

Artelios Rosewater said...

There's a link to see Ryu's protoype game model in the Tekken X SF game. I'm digging the style.

Blake said...

NICE!!...yeah, I have to agree. I am way more interested in seeing what Namco does with the franchise.

Jason Flowers said...

I was just thinking about getting that DLC for SF4 today. Most fighting games are good but we all have our favs. Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Street Fighter i don't care they are all dope.

Blake said...

They are all great fighting games..the last fighting game that I was truly disappointed in had to be DCvs Mortal Kombat.