Friday, June 10, 2011

Star Trek: Infinite Space

I'm sorry..but I am a sucker for space shooters. Especially Starwars and Star Trek space shooters.
I think the Next Generation Series had some of the best ship designs in the series( Its my personal preference).

There isn't any video of gameplay or anything....but I enjoyed the the last 2 Star Trek space shooters that came out on the PS2, even thought they weren't well received, I still had a great time with them.

So even with this cinematic trailer....I am pretty stoked with the idea.


Nick Jewell said...

I loved the Elite Force video games. Both the original and the sequel were awesome and such a great idea for Star Trek games, and this new one looks really awesome as well.

And don't forget the co-op! Because every game is better with co-op!

Blake said...

Yup..I prefer every game make a good co-op experience rather than competitive multiplayer.

Big D said...

That trailer looks sweet but I really wish they would come up with a better name. Might I suggest

Star Trek: Pshoo Pshoo Lasers!

Jason Flowers said...

I'm a Star Wars guy first. But the trailer was pretty good.