Monday, June 13, 2011

Duke Nukem - Take One for the Team

Its being released tomorrow and the game sites are filling up with reviews. None of which are good..but you know what? I'm still getting this game for these reasons.

1) Having worked in television animation and video game industry. If there is one thing I am full aware of, IS that if we have to pick up after another company/person unfinished work and are expected to fix what they couldn't do. Than that usually means a nightmare for the person fixing the work. Having to work in stock files/animation/etc of someone who didn't finish the job or was doing it poorly is possibly one of the worst things someone in our field can do.

First you have to figure out, what the heck they were trying to do in the first place, then try and rearrange/fix/add to the existing project/file.

In my experience, the best way around this problem is to scrap what the other guys did and start over from scratch. But often times that is not a option due to money and time. So I totally tip my hat to Gearbox for trying to fix a game that was handled by so many people over such a long time. To collect all that mess and try to put together a decent game is downright impossible. So they did the best they could with what was given to them.

In the end, its often easier to restart a project then try and work through the mess left by others. For that, I won't knock Gearboxs effort with this game.

2) My expectations are low, I'm not expecting fantastic graphics. I'm fine with graphics that aren't Killzone 3 quality, its not a big deal for me. Comparing it to today's games seems unfair. Does every game have to meet Uncharted quality graphics in order to make it a better game? In my opinion, No, it doesn't. Sure it will add to a already enjoyable experience, but by no means, should it take away. UNLESS we are dealing with really really shitty graphics, but the way that game sites are talking, you swear we were going to be playing a PS1 game.

3)The story??..Its Duke?!..He's a prick and he tells dick jokes. I'm expecting toilet humor and downright nonsense that doesn't make sense because it was written by a bunch of 14 year old boys. REALLY?? is anyone expecting any kind of story beyond what I just stated? cause if you are....then I think you have your head in the clouds. Infact..I hope to have a button that just makes you take a pee. So I can randomly walk up to dead enemies and pee on them...heck, walk up to strippers while they dance and pee on them and watch them run....I only assume they would run. but I wouldn't be surprised if they like that sort thing in this game.

With all that, I know its been 10 plus years, I know its taken forever, but somewhere along the lines, where did gamers all of a sudden feel a sense of entitlement. Give me now, I want now, I deserve this. Just apply that mentality to going to the stor to buy chips, a pop, shoes. The person in the store will more than likely say,"get the hell outta my store you nutbar"

I think way too many people have their heads in the clouds or up their own asses when it comes to the expectations of this game. I am assuming? I have yet to play it. And that is why I am excited about playing the game, I almost want to prove them wrong by playing it and enjoying myself or come out of the experience and say,"Wow, you were right, that game was unplayable on ever level, what disappointment". I am open to both views after I play the game. But for right now, I think people are invested into it too much and giving it too much credit.

Its Duke, He likes strippers, chew bubblegum and piss in toilets while talking about his ding dong while he shoots alien pigs from outer space. Really? repeat that sentence and try to to think how absurd that is.

I look forward to being wrong or telling the reviewers to get off their high horses.


Adam Timmins said...

Maybe its a game worth defending but there is no denying that Gearbox made a terrible risk picking up where 3D Realms left off and they're getting punished for it, which they deserve. Hopefully Randy Pitchford can admit these mistakes and move on with better titles down the road, and who knows? Maybe another Duke Game?

Blake said...

Gearbox deserves to get punished?!

I'm sorry, was there something I missed with Gearbox? Did they pull a Activision and disrespect their fans somehow?

Don't entirely understand that statement. "Yes", Gearbox took a risk with trying to finish the game, but I don't think they deserve to be punished because they tried to finish a broken game.

But I am probable unaware of some news, with the Randy Pitchford guy. I am interested in what went down. You have peeked my interest good sir.

Big D said...

I think people would be willing to go much easier on the game if it was released at a reduced price, or as a downloadable title.

As a full price $60 game though, it's going to get compared to other games at that pricepoint. I'm sure there is some enjoyment to be had in it, but when you're going up against triple-A titles in a marketplace already crowded with shooters you need to bring your A game.

As much as I want to give Gearbox credit for finishing it, I just don't feel the game is worth my 60 bucks. There are smaller developers putting out high quality stuff and I think they deserve my money more right now.

It's sad because I love Duke Nukem and I am glad to see it back in any form. Right now I am playing through Duke 3d Atomic edition and it's amazing as ever!

Blake said...

I'm gonna give it the once over and see if indeed it is has bad as they say or if its all hogwash.

Kelli said...

I'm just excited to play it because it's another Duke Nukem game. I remember playing duke nukem for the first time on DOS and loved it ever since. Can't wait to play it.

Blake said...

I don't know if it just Future Shop, but I picked up Duke for $53. Was this a deal only their? I'm not sure.

But I was glad to see its not full price with $59.99