Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Side Quest

Playing Dragon Age and without getting into details of the game itself. I rather comment on side quest in general. Sure they are fun, some are worthwhile for getting good or rare items while giving you extra XP.

But what I am trying to do is stick to the main story because I know just doing that will put me between 50-60 hrs and I want to finish awakenings and all 9 DLC. So I am looking at alot of hrs in one game and so far I am enjoying it.

But holy moly is my quest log filled to the brim with sidequest. I've been ignoring alot of them that I get through conversation with locals, but every encounter gives me 2-3 sidequest. Its no where near as bad as Oblivion, at once point I totally forgot what I was suppose to be doing in that game because of all the side missions I was doing.

Then the OCD of me takes over and looks at the giant list and have the urge to check them all off as completed. But I can't ..I must stay the course and finish the game as is...if I find I need some extra XP to go up a level or two, then I take a shot at them...but it is taking everything in me to stop what I am doing and clean up the side quest menu.

Side quest, fun, not, waste of time, not worth it, fun to do, enjoyable, adds to the overall experience of the game, what ever your cup of tea......they are a part of most if not all RPG's


Nick Jewell said...

Side quests are definitely a big part of any Western RPG, but sometimes games seriously overdo it.

I was playing Fallout: New Vegas when I got to a point where I had, literally, twenty side quests. I had no idea what to do; I was completely overwhelmed. There was simply too much to do and little to no direction about what to do first, or even which missions were the main quest. Even better than that was the fact that a lot of the side quests were completely pointless. It was ridiculous.

Side quests are awesome, for sure, but I'd much rather have a tight controlled storyline than a bunch of random fetch quests that are only there to pad the game.

Blake said...

Yeah...alot of the times there is so much info being thrown at you that its alot to remember. Which ends with me forgetting that I was suppose to go here or can get very overwhelming.

Kelli said...

I like doing side quests because sometimes they yield good items, but there does come a point where there can be too many.

Blake said...

I enjoy sidequest too...but playing a game and avoiding side quest...holy moly do they ever fill up your quest log when you are avoiding them.