Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Game Quote of the Day

Beatfreaker over at Portable Soldier sent a quote that I thought was pretty damn hilarious and got me thinking about doing Game Quote of a Day series, when they pop up.

So starting with, Activision. They say they will start a subscription service for the the next Modern Warfare 3. People can pay monthly subscriptions for extra bits here and there. People don't take kindly to paying for things they usually get for free.


"To add insult to injury, the service is seemingly populated entirely by racist (and/or homophobic) twelve-year-olds whose filthy mouths are only matched by their abnormally high k/d ratios."

Thank you!


Jason Flowers said...

And now those racist kids, jack offs and idiots will be be paying even more money to play a game i rarely play for free on free online! Can you imagine how mighty those people will act online who actually pays for that milker subscripstion that should be for free? My head is starting to hurt thinking about it. No offense but Call of Duty isn't even my favorite FPS and Activision expects me to pay to play if i want stuff that should be free anyways? I guess i'm not hardc0rezzz enough for Activision.

Blake said...

I'm not a fan of the COD series either, overpriced DLC, over priced game, Activision is the Devil, and online play that involves about as much skill as a epileptic with a shotgun.

What people don't seem to understand that by buying these overpriced map packs in record numbers, only proves that other game companies will follow suit.

But in a recent article I read, the average age of a COD gamer is 15-25. Most people that age, don't have families and homes or work to even to work about. So why not spend 15$ on a overpriced map pack, its not like they got a mortgage to pay.