Tuesday, June 28, 2011

October is Going To Kill Me

Just looked through the list of games being released this summer and I have to say, that I am not interested in anything coming out in the next couple of months. Which is kinda good, it gives me time to finish dragon age and finally get around to completing my growing list of DLC games that I have. So I'm not too heartbroken by the ordeal.

BUT - Looking forward into Sept and Oct, holy moly. Sept has Resistance 3 and possible Dead island that I will probable be getting. But then the mother load of games for October comes out, and then I'll be stuck with too much to do and no time to do.

We start off with Silent Hill - I haven't played a silent hill since the very first one, but I would like to get back into it with this one. Maybe the reviews, if bad will sway me away from it. But for now, I want to play this game.

Then Twisted Metal - This game is a must buy for me. I am a huge fan of the genre, I've owned every version of twisted metal ever since they started making them. This one won't be any different. Getting me some twisted metal.

Batman: Arkham City - They added Robin and Catwoman as playable characters?! Yeah!! sign me up for some of that. Playing those few levels with the joker was a great time, and I look forward to what Arkham City has to offer.

Battlefield 3 - The be all end all of FPS, Its like the icing on a cake. The last one to come out for the month of October and will probable stop all other games in their tracks and play nothing else but this for months and months.

So in the span of a month, that's 4 full price games. That's $320 taxes in for 4 games. I gotta start saving now I guess. Put aside a full game price savings every month up until October. That should help me out.

Silent Hill I could be swayed not too, the others? I don't think so.


Jason Flowers said...

I was just thinking about this last week. I know i'm not buying all of these. My list from Sept to Nov is
Resistance 3, Gears of War 3, RAGE, Forza 4 and Dark Souls (release same day dammit), Batman AC, Skyrim, Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3 ofcourse. I have my sights on Catherine, Dead Island and Silent Hill:D as well. Meh, i'm waiting for Black Friday to get most of those lol.

YAGRS said...

Haven't played a Silent Hill since the first one? What you've missed out on . . .

I still need to play through Silent Hill Homecoming (along with tons of other games that I bought and have yet to play). It will be hard for me to hold off on buying Downpour, though. Silent Hill may very well be my favorite video game franchise of all time.

Blake said...

@Flowers - We don't get Black Friday here in Canada, instead we have Boxing Day. But there are never any INSANE savings that I can remember, you really have to hunt around to find anything resembling a "holy cow, what a deal". More like save 20 bucks on a video game kinda thing.

@Yagrs - Yeah, I don't know what I've been holding off for. I loved the first game and for some reason after that. I just didn't pick up any of the others. It was a fantastic game, heck i played through it 3 times just to unlock the alien ray gun.

Big D said...

I love silent hill 2 and 3, but if you only play one other SH game it should definitely be 3 because of it's connection to the first game.