Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Marvel Pinball - Captain America Table

This past Monday was the release of the next Marvel Pinball table with good ole Cap. Seeing as the movie is coming out soon, capitalizing on this hype is a smart move. But one doesn't have to see the upcoming movie to enjoy this table.

I had the opportunity to play this game a littler earlier than most with a generous gift from Zen Studios, much appreciated!

So please don't think that I am biased in anyway and that's why I looked favorably on the game, it really is enjoyable and well put together. As oppose to the table which they call Ironman and shits on you with every opportunity.

There's really not much I can elaborate on with this new table. If one thing seems to be consistent with Zen studios, is that..If you enjoyed one of their tables, then you more than likely you will enjoy there other ones as well.

Granted, they all play different with Iron Man being the weakest out of the bunch, but you get that table as part of the original bundle and if you buy the marvel pinball table now for $9.99 you get 8 or 9(can't remember) other zen pinball tables along with it. That's a fantastic deal..unfortunately, I already own the marvel pinball tables, so I will be missing out on this bundle.

But for $2.49, the new Captain America table does not disappoint. Its has its setting in the World War 1 and 2 genres with the Red Skull and Baron Zemo and seems to have less dead spots then the other tables. Which is great, I don't think gamers should be penalized with a misplaced shot shooting back at them and straight down the middle. Especially when its a more prominent area for hitting the ball.

As always score chasing with friends is a big part of this game. Find and add others that own this game and set up weekly challenges. Its great fun.....another great and priced appropriately add-on for the marvel pinball series. Even if you are not a fan of Capt America, you don't have to be, the table is fun in its own right.

I look forward to some score chasing with fellow Marvel Pinballers.


Jason Flowers said...

Good review. I'll probably never play this game but that doesn't stop me from reading about it. I saw that Captain America movie trailer at Transformers today. It looks sick. The trailer was in 3D i have to see that movie. Good job again.