Sunday, June 5, 2011

Game Quote of the Day

I went looking to see how to skip dialogue in Dragon Age: Origins. One of those moments..what key do I press? is it a combination of keys. Anyway...found this gem of a answer from some ....genius.


Mwulf -"Yes, you can skip dialog. How? I don't know. Click a mouse button? I don't have the game, but I watched a guy do it on a video".

This guy is so eager to help, it doesn't matter that he doesn't own the game or never played it...but he once saw a guy play it..and that apparently is good enough for him to pass on advice.....I once saw knee if anyone out there needs their knees cut open and tinkered with..just send me a request. I watched a WHOLE 1 hr video on Tuesday.


Adam Timmins said...

Hey guys just wondering if you could change the name of my blog in the Gamers Hall. We changed are name a while back to Game-Bl4rG.

Blake said...

yeah, no worries. done and done good sir.

Big D said...

When I want to skip dialog I just mash my head forcefully on the keyboard. It works about 70% of the time.

rowen26 said...

But you might miss stuff if you skip!!! :P

I think dialogue should be unskippable the first time, you go through it, but the subsequent times it should be.

Nothing is more frustrating to me sitting though a whole long conversation for the second time.

But yeah, on the PS3 you can skip dialogue. So I assume you can on PC?