Friday, June 3, 2011

Evolution of Pixels

From a Dot to Halo....funny thing, the halo guy reminds me of this incident the other day. I posted a comment on the new transformers 3 movie on some site. About my dislike of the new girl and the fact that she always has her mouth this sexy?...seems more of a mouth breather retarded thing to me.

Anyway, I got a response telling me to shut up and I should go back to sitting on my Fat Gay ass and play some more Halo.

I thought that was funny......So I can't dislike this "Rose Hung - Heck I'm not even gonna say her name". unless you fall into 3 categories. Weight - Sexual Orientation - Halo, those are some strict guidelines you got there?

Well..lets see if I qualify...I'm 180 - married with a kid - and don't own a Xbox. Damnit, I guess he's right...It looks like I can't dislike I do like her?!?.....I can't argue with his logic.

Go ahead, watch the latest trailer of Transformers 3 and see how many times you see her with her mouth open. The poor girl must have some mouth disease...perhaps he jaw is broken?


Kelli said...

I wonder what games are gonna look like when my kids get older, lol.

Blake said...

We shall die happy knowing we saw the