Monday, June 6, 2011

Dragon Age: Origins - Time Spent

Quick note, playing Dragon Age:Origins on PC. So far I am 16% complete and am 33 hrs. Holy Moly....this is gonna be a long game. So If I'm not chatting about other games, its because I am only playing this.


The Gameolio Podcast said...

16% equals 33 hours! Eeeek! Must be a heck of fun though?

Blake said...

I am enjoying myself...and that is without farting around and doing sidequest.

Kelli said...

what kind of character are you playing?

Blake said...

I'm a human rogue noble.

Kelli said...

i tried being a rogue at first but i didn't know how to use the stealth, and the steal abilities, I always got some type of error. It sounds simple but for some reason the game didn't like me so I just made an old fashion human warrior. do you enjoy being a rogue.

Blake said...

I must took me awhile to figure out what it meant by a I physically have to be behind the guy for it work??etc.

But no, its just a term the same as "The mage uses her Fire"."Backstab is just a random chance of him doing a critical hit which increases depending on the skills you use-making it the go to move for Rogues"

So I did die alot.....I mean alot..almost every major battle had me retrying 2-3 times.

Then my stupid partners don't listen to me and runs off and out in the middle of the battlefield and gets slaughtered when all I want them to do is retreat. So figuring out how the tactics work fixed that problem for the most part.

But yeah....I am enjoying the rogue. Normally I play as the warrior or mage. This time I wanted to do the little guy, so far I'm enjoying it.

But holy cow is this game ever long.I'm just thinking about doing awakenings and all the DLC too.

Kelli said...

that's what i thought about the backstab too, and the stealing but I'm glad to know i wasn't the only one who had trouple with this class, lol.