Monday, May 9, 2011

MK- Second Player Fatalities Locked

Found something out this weekend..can you guess what?
So yeah, for the first time with Mortal Kombat I was playing versus mode with Jay from over at Portable Soldier.

We played a match, I won and because I'm not a total MK fan, I don't know have any of the fatalities, stage fatalities or babalities memorized. So I have to look them up in the moves list.

But when the second player won and Jay went to the move list to see the correct input to preform, all his moves(except the one they give you for a freebee) were all locked.

What the hell?! What a shitty thing to do MK! I specifically went through and unlocked all the fatalities specifically so we can have access to them all in versus mode.

Apparently it just unlocks them for the first player. If you want to have your finishing moves unlocked for the second player, you have to play each character again in versus mode(as the second player), win, and preform each of their finishing moves again to unlock them for all 28 characters.

Now this is no herculean task or anything, but dammit, I already did all this. How stupid that you lock them again for versus mode. For how great this game is, and it is pretty spectacular. This is like somebody making you the best banana split every and and before you walk away, they say " oh wait, I forgot another topping" and they cover it in mustard. You can still eat the damn thing...but who the hell wants to do that......I don't want to go through and unlock them all AGAIN!

Annoying, super annoying....bad Netherrealms...bad!!


Kelli said...

That freakin' sucks. I'm actually happy I did a fatality for the first time in my life... although I had to pause take 10 years to memorize it, and freak out while pressing the buttons. I get so anxious when I wanna do something cool heh heh heh.

Blake said...

Yeah, I do the same thing. look at the combination and then a split second later, I have forgotten what I literally just looked at. I guess its some sort of disorder for fatalities?