Monday, May 9, 2011

Marvel Super Hero Squad : The Infinity Gauntlet - PS3

Why did I buy this? I a sucker for punishment?..maybe. But I do enjoy the Marvel Universe and it takes alot for me to not enjoy it in some manner.

When Spiderman Friend or Foe came out everybody was shitting on it saying how simple it was, no depth, but understandably made for kids, but still lacking that fun factor. Well I played that game I have to disagree, I enjoyed that game immensely and its a great game to play with your kids.

Not too hard, simple enough that it makes them feel like they actually completing certain task. I really liked the game.

So my thoughts about super hero squad were the same thing. Me and my son played this game on co-op and because I had a feeling that it wouldn't be too hard, I put it on the hardest setting.

We went through the entire game with no more trouble than if we played it on normal. So it is kid friendly when it comes to difficulty.

But sadly that's where the game ends. This game as some of the worst animation and graphics I have seen in a game. I know they are going for style of the cartoon show(which I have seen - heck there is even a trailer in the game itself for the show incase you haven't seen the quality of animation) but do they ever miss the mark here.

When the game first starts....the very first level. I thought the game was glitching. Every time I would punch with iron man, he sort of jerked forward. It looked horrible, you aren't suppose to look at a animation and go," what just happened there?"

But the look is beyond kid simple, its downright awful. Doesn't match the source, the levels are horrible and boring, its a shameful recreation of the show.

BUT...I got this game because I knew it would be a Lego style punch em up, and I enjoyed all the characters you can play as and all the extra outfits you can unlock, that I DID enjoy.

So for that fact and the gameplay which I was expecting, I'm happy with it. But boy was I surprised about how bad the game looked. The game looks like a low end PS2 or high end gamecube graphics, pretty bad by today standards.

I paid $30 for this game, which I can only recommend for marvel fans of the characters and fans of beat em up type gamers. Other than that, if you still enjoy the marvel universe, have a kid and are looking for a game to play with them. Than this game is decent enough at $20.

I'm going to try and platinum this game with my kid. Being the first platinum me and my son got together.

This trailer is not a accurate representation of the game, can you tell the difference in the shots they made just for the trailer and actually fuzzy game screens. Yeah, well the fuzzy game screens are the correct ones...everything else you see in the trailer is NOT in the game.


Kelli said...

awwww father son gaming how sweet. i think my son will love this game as well, he LOVES his heros

Blake said...

If he's a super hero fan, then this game will hit the sweet tooth pretty good.

But like bad kid movies that we get dragged along too for the sake of our kids, don't expect too much in this for the average gamer.