Thursday, April 21, 2011

Your Last Decent Movie Tie-In Game?

Movie tie-in games are hard to come by these days. Maybe 1 in 10 will be lucky if it breaks the " Makes me want to sling the Disc into space" attitude after playing it. Most of the time, they are so broken its not even funny. So many things tend to be wrong with them. Either, the controls suck, game play is boring or repetitive or both, story is awful, visuals look horrible, its too short. Some have one if not all of these going for them.

But every so often, you get a movie tie-in game that?!!...that wasn't half bad! It wasn't a spectacular game, but its definitely something I would recommend to friends. Something that I'm not ashamed to mention that I played.

For the last movie tie-in game that I played that I actually enjoyed was X-men Origins: Wolverine. All thought the story is blah, the visuals were good, the game play was fun and entertaining and you finally were able to let loose and slice peoples heads off. So tired of seeing movies and cartoons where Wolverine will use his claws and you might see blood, might!!!
This game, he gets covered in the blood.

So I say without a doubt, that X-men Origins: Wolverine was the last good movie tie-in game I played. I'm not saying it was the best movie tie-in game I've ever played, just the last one to date that I played that I enjoyed.

One you can't choose are the starwars games. why? specifically, you can choose the games directly based of the movies as your favorite game such as Revenge of the Sith: the game, Super Starwars on the SNES,etc because they closely follow the movies.

But not games based off the franchise, such as Battlefront, Knights of the Old Republic, Jedi Academy, Rogue squadron, etc. If any of those were actually a movie, then sure. But they are not, so it doesn't count. It be like saying, I choose Batman, Arkham Asylum as my favorite movie tie in game because...well..there's batman movies. That doesn't count, Only games directly based off that particular movie.

What was yours?


rowen26 said...

Toy Story 3 is actually a very good and fun one.

Blake said...

You finish that game yet?!

Daisy said...

Oh goody, great to hear that Wolverine game isn't so bad. Bought it not too long ago for $15 just because it had Wolverine on it. Now I might play it! :)

Anonymous said...

The last tie-in I played, would be Chronicles of Riddick, which was surprisingly good; that and KOTOR. I don't know of any since then..x_x

Big D said...

The best movie licensed game is clearly White Men Can't Jump for the Atari jaguar!

Blake said...

@Big D - They made a game about that?!...what am I asking...of course they did.Was it basketball with the jump disabled?