Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend with Mortal Kombat

I picked this up on Thursday so I Kould play the long weekend with it, but I didn't really have much time with it, but enough to finish the story mode and poke around in all the other options. And that is what this game as..OPTIONS...holy moly does it have alot of stuff. Just like the old days where you get all this extra Kontent for free, unlike today where you it seems to be the norm to Kharge everyone for extra Kharacters and outfits. This game as that and more already included and then some.

Having finished the story mode and having farted around in the other options I must say that I am really surprised with the amount of Kontent in the game. Regular matches are set up like wrestling themes, with ladder matches, king of the hill, tag matches, etc. Then test your might, luck, sight and another one I Kan't remember off hand. Then there is the story mode, the krypt and nekropolis which contains the gallery with a ton of extras that anyone who is a fan of 2d and 3d art has in bounds. And what we've all heard about, the Khallenge ladder, which is wow..just wow, this is hardKore....but not so much that the average gamer can skip what he/she Kan't do and move on.

Its so full with goodies, it literally is like running around , whats over here, whats over there, lets go look at this. And you Kontinue to unlock all kinds of stuff, the more you play, the more stuff you find to add to the experience, new Kostumes, new fatalities. Each Kharacter has 3 fatalities, but you start with one and have to unlock the others. There stats for each fighter, when you meet these specification, that too unlocks Kool things.

Of Kourse the more Kooler items require more work. You Kan really see that the developers really wanted you play every bit of this game, and it shows and its great.

The game play is fun, well polished and fighting is easy to pick up and play. But like all fighting games, you Kan see a deep combat system that the hardcore fans will pummel my little white ass all over the online Kommunity. So unless you are a hardKore fighting player, be prepared to meet some insanely good players online. But I Kan't Komment on that really, since the PSN has been down for days now...(thanks hackers for fucking everything up..great guys are great)

My only Komplaints so far is the hair texture on the Kharacters...holy Kow does it every look horrible. Johnny Cage is the worst offender with his hair looking like tire tracks. I think it was a design decision? there is no way that someone looked at that and went,"This looks great!". It doesn't, it looks awful, but again, I do think its was a design decision in the end.

But so far, I am loving this game, the best MK in a long while. Still lots to do and Kan't wait to see all the goodies I can find.


Kelli said...

I picked this game up as well, and I have to say it is quite a cup of tea. I love the x-ray moves, it adds a nice touch to fighting. I just have the hardest time beating reptile.

Blake said...

So far, I've done story mode, training, and am currently at stage 100 on the ladder, I have yet to play the arcade mode yet. But am enjoying it...I can online being a nightmare with hardcore fans.