Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playstation Plus - Mortal Kombat Demo

Downloaded the MK demo the other night. I said before that I was very skeptical of the catering towards the hardcore fans, which I still am.

The demo starts with a little video of game play and some insane combos being pulled off by the characters that I'm sure the hardcore fans and shitting their pants over. Me?!...Its cool, I might get 2-3 tiers in the combo and then like a old man, pause and look what I am suppose to do next cause like the 80's simon game, I can't remember past 6 moves.

But you get 4 characters to play with, subzero, scorpion, johnny cage and mileena and you get to fight them all in a ladder match. So you get to see all their moves, they added a super move to all their traditional moves such as subzeros iceball when used with a power bar is a ice beam and so on.

Its a neat new feature, then there is the X-ray move which can be used when all 3 power bars are full. A Neat little feature is they actually tell you the finishing moves. Mortal Kombat is well known for letting people figure it out on their own. I HAVE NEVER had the patience to play a MK game again and again doing different combination's at different distances from a character to find a move. I just search the Internet...the old days I actually bought the MK strategy book to help me out. I always hated that about all fighting games...for the love of God , tell me what I am suppose to be doing here?!?!

So after I played through each character, did all their moves, all their X-rays and all the Finishers. I deleted the game..why? cause I doubt I will play it again and again. HERE is where it will different from hardcore and casual fighting gamers. Casual gamers will play and see all the characters and their moves and fighting the same 4 character over and over again gets kinda boring. Hardcore gamers will play these same 4 characters over and over learning all the insane combo's until the official release of the actual game.

So it is a great throw back to the original MK series, gore, side scroller but with all the additions of it being a next gen game. For fans of the series like myself, I hate to say it...but I think we be missing out if we didn't play this, but at the same time there is alot in there that's not geared towards us either, but you can't please everyone.


Kelli said...

downloaded it this morning, can't wait to try it