Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heavy Rain - PS3

I should have played this game when it first came out, I don't know why I didn't get it right away. THIS IS A MUST PLAY for any gamer. But I do think it will fall under two categories, people who really like it and people who don't.

For me it was a just a different game overall, the feel of the gameplay, the choices you make, the story, how the player interacted and affected the story. You definitely felt more like you were pushing the story along and not being dragged along for the ride(which is fine is most games - this one just handled it differently)

I heard people say that its just a quicktime event game, and to those people I would tell them, they are playing too much God of War, sure it has quick time events, but the motions you are doing correspond to whats happening so it makes you feel as if you are doing the actions. So where God of war is just press buttons at the right time, Heavy Rain doesn't just have you pressing random buttons, its has you moving in directions of characters, ups and down, shakes, forward, etc and this game if more than anything was made to be played with the Playstation Move.

I heard that Killzone 3 was the best experience for the move, well I whole heartily disagree, the move with Heavy Rain goes hand in hand with each other, like peas and carrots, PB and Jam poop and pampers.

My first playthrough, I did the whole thing with the move, after that I went back to replay certain chapters for trophy hunting and played it with the controller. I have to say that the Move controller is more immersive where the controller seems easier in regards to the motions that you have to do. I guess that falls in line with , there is alot more range with the move controller than the sixias controller so therefor more motions are available.

The game itself has you doing things from setting the table, dressing wounds, fights, to burping babies. I must say that there is a intense fear to do them all right and not screw up. But like real life you can't do everything perfect, so you mess up now and then and the story reflects your screw ups. But I found myself feeling horrible for doing something wrong, making the wrong choice, etc. The only time I restarted a chapter as oppose to accepting my screw up, was when the motion I was doing was not being recognized by the game. So I thought, this isn't me doing it wrong, I guess I'm too close to the camera, too far away, out of range?.In that instance I restarted, cause it wasn't like I messed up the motion, it just didn't move at all, even though I was doing my best to make it move for some unknown reason.

Besides that, the game is great. I had a blast playing it and it has 6 different endings, but you don't need to play the whole game again to see each endings, just replaying certain chapters with different outcomes will get you the different endings on the last chapter. That's what I am doing now, going back and trophy hunting for my 23rd platinum. My only quip is that some chapters I have to play 2-3 times for specific results, which is OK after I do the different action, but getting to that point may mean sitting through the same 10-15 min start sequence 2 to 3 times. But again..this only applies to trophy hunters, not regular game play.

So if you haven't played this game, get it..if you have the move, then you should be playing it as you read this. Its a great time and I am thoroughly enjoying going through the chapters and seeing the results of different choices. Go get Heavy Rain today.

Here is my favorite trophy hunting team, RoosterTeeth with the trophy for Gold Finger. Spoiler, don't watch it if you haven't played the game or watch it anyway because you just don't care.


Daisy said...

Awesome! Think I'm going to buy this now.

Kelli said...

I played this game along time ago, and I have never felt like I was part of a game before, its like playing a person in real life. I was really in love with this game... but now I'm sad because I traded it in.. now I have to get it back so I can try it on the move... I bet its sooo much better

Have you tried the expansion to this game? It was called taxidermy something (Brain fart). It was suppose to focus on the girl, if so how was it?

Blake said...

@Kelli - No I haven't tried the DLC, I didn't even know there was any. Interesting indeed!

But using the move?..yeah, much more immersive than just using the controller.