Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back Log To Do List

As with everyone, I have a pile of shame or the gaming back log that I have to get too. But its hard to find time to play those games that you ARE interested in, but there's that one game that has you attention now and then another and another and so on. Well, this month, there as been nothing that I really wanted to play. What a better time to go back and start on the pile of shame.

First off, Rowan(Ian) lent me his copy of Heavy Rain, so I got about a a few days left on that trying to platinum it. After that its too the backlog.

To Start, I am going to finish(Although I have beaten the game multiple times on different platforms and versions) the new sonic the hedgehog re-release on the PS3. A great game that I have just been picking at here and there, but perhaps this is how this game was meant to be played? for 10 min at a time? But I would like to sit down and just play through the single player campaign, it shouldn't take that long really.

Stacking - I started the first level and finished that, then I put the game away. Not because it is bad or anything, I was just more involved with another game. So I have to get back to this one, its a shame too because it is really innovative.

Digger - Another classic arcade remake which really shouldn't take me no more than a couple of hrs, maybe even less to finish. But again, I think this game is a play 10-15 min here and there type of game, but to me those type of games still feel unfinished.

Move Sports Champion - When I got the move, I immediately played Killzone 3 with it and played a couple of the demo's from the disc. But I already played sports champion over at Beatfreakers house. So I wasn't that intrigued about playing it since we gave it a good going over then. I'm not a fan of the sports (Wii, xbox,PS3-family/sports) type of games to begin with. I've had the game for 3 weeks now and it still sits on my shelf unopened. So I don't feel bad about not playing this one, since I already did play it and really have no interest in playing those types of games again.

Saints Row 2 - I've only seen Ian play the opening sequence of this game and it was great fun. Then it sat on my shelf forever...... It was one of those games where I heard it was a decent game and it was on sale for $ my game brain took over and said," Get THAT!! you MORON!!"
I did, and its been sitting there for months now, I think this one is my most shameful game on the list that needs to be played.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 - I got this I think when I first started buying games from the PSN and played the first level, died and then never went back to it. BUT I LOVE these types of games, but I think its because I only ever played them on the PC, perhaps that's the reason?!?! I don't know..but this one dates back to one of my oldest games in the pile of shame.

Savage Moon - This is another Command and Conquer type of game that I was really enjoying, but then like pixel junk monsters, it got stupid hard really fast and I kept dieing again and again. So I left it..but I really want to go back and finish this one. I just wish that it wasn't so friggin hard.

Hoard - I played the first level to get a feel for the game and its great. So great that I must have said,"Put this game away and never look at it again". I feel horrible about it ...I need to finish this

With that I have a bunch of games to finish before Mortal Kombat comes out. Then I have lots of blood letting to do.


Daisy said...

Sonic and Saints Row 2 are also on my still to do list. One day, when I have time...

The Gameolio Podcast said...

I hear ya.

Top Spin 4, Homefront, Dead Space (1), Beyond Good & Evil (XBLA) and on top of that Rift and the forthcoming Crysis 2.

It's madness :(

Blake said...

I'm happy to say that I've started into my backlog last night, feels taking a poop.

Kelli said...

I have a back log too. Stacking is one of them. It's fun and everything but my brain starts hurting after a while because I'm trying to get all the sets and jinx's... oh yea and I'm stuck.

I also have Little Big Planet 2, Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Dragon Age, and of course I still remember our partnership on borderslands to beat that one boss ;)

Blake said...

YES!! time I see you online I will send a invite for some borderlands.

Kelli said...

I'm not pressuring you, I know when you turn your playstation on you already know what you want to play... so I just don't disturb in case your deeply in a game or watching netflix... I've been watching netflix alot lately and I am so hooked on Prison Break right now, and I loved the Spartacus series... EPIC I wish it didn't end... but anyways I know we both want it and you will always be there to help me :)

Blake said...

nah, I don't mind the bother.
Prison break I never understood, I LOVED the first season....since they spent the whole episode trying to get out of prison.

But then they were out of prison and the show is still called Prison Break, it should have been called, Staying out of Prison and the 3rd season should have been called, Don't want to Go back to prison.

Just my thought on it. For me it was a great first season....then I walked away and said,"I don't know what you are talking about..second season..even a third...they don't exist" lol

Kelli said...

I know what you mean, my hubby said the same thing "why is it called prison break after they broke out of prison? and why does it go for four seasons???". I agree also, it was cool just to see how they were going to break out of jail, but I just admired Michael Scofield being a genius and Alex Mahone being the other genius, figuring out how the other thinks...