Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Realms

This recently came out on the PSN, although its been out on the PC for quite some time. Again, I would like to try a MMO, I mean really try it. The free to play dungeons and dragons was just not my cup of tea, really tired of the wizards and warrior genre that MMO's seems to be filled with.

Looking at the price, well, its free to get the game. But you pay to play online. And at the top of the pricing list, $29.99 for a lifetime access to online, seems great to me. I'd pay that. The only thing is I haven't seen or heard anything about this game.

Well, I did hear that it is kid friendly and not as in depth as most MMO, but that seems right up my alley for a first time MMO player. Cute graphics, not hardcore, etc.

But when I went looking for a trailer or some reviews. This trailer makes me want to beat the game with a ugly stick.

It as if they are gearing the game towards Justin Beiber and Hannah Montana fans. The music is horrible, I'm not too keen on only having human characters to select from. Perhaps this game isn't for me. I will give the game a try while its free for the first bit and see how it goes.


Big D said...

I...I actually played this game when it was in the beta. It was ok but at the time the quest system was pretty borked.

That was like, a year ago so I dunno how well it's come along. For a free game it was pretty decent but I probably wouldn't pay for it.

Blake said...

yeah, I don't know if all MMO's are like this or not, but I got into a game last night and I would have liked a tutorial, but instead, nothing. I was left to wander around, I had no idea where I had to go, what I had to do.

It just felt like there was no structure, do what you want. Well...what is it I have to do?
I didn't like the overall feel of the game. If all MMO's are like this, than I think I will pass on this type of game.