Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Battlefield 3 - Episode 3

My oh my, I don't want to hype this game up too much, cause I did that with Medal of Honor and was disappointed with it, even though its a decent game and had some of the best sounds I've heard in a shooter.

But man oh man, am I ever pooping my pants on a daily basis about BF 3, can't wait. The trailers are great......but to be fair. The movie Sucker Punch trailers looked awesome too and that movie was Sh-I-TE!


rinns said...

It's sad; I haven't been able to get pumped about an fps game since cod4 (since I was a huge buttnerd about cod2)

I seem to have lost my taste in it. I mean, I bought cod4,5,mw2 and blops but after cod 4 I've only played maybe like.. 50 hours or less on everything from cod5>.
I really hope you enjoy this.

Blake said...

I will enjoy it as much as butter on toast....see I don't use butter, but I like to have butter is a treat for me. Even more so on toast, since eating butter alone is gross, but on toast its very yummy.

So in short, thanks. I hope so too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah im hoping battlefield 3 delivers, personally im tired of COD winning almost every year! its time for Battlefield 3 to make an impression on consoles like it did for PC with its predecessors. But then again like you said about Sucker Punch lol!