Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Sounds of Medal of Honor

I passed on Medal of Honor this year, hoping for this GAME BREAKING machine, but instead got a OK FPS. So I passed on it, but this weekend I had a chance to play some multiplayer with MOH at Beatfreakers.

I play alot of FPS and each has its own perks and things that make it stand out or fall short. What immediately stands out with MOH is the sound. Don't they all sound the same, gun fire, screams, war sounds, etc. Well sure, they all have that to some point, but the gun shots, the explosions, running is all crisp and clear and very...I don't want to say loud. Its not that its loud that makes it better, but reverberating within the core when you fire of a weapon. It makes it feel very satisfying when firing a weapon.

So the sound in this game, is top notch. Some of the best sounds I've heard in any FPS, without a doubt.

The multiplayer experience?!.....guess what COD Black Ops??? ...... go ahead, guess what? I didn't fucking DIE!!! every frikken time I spawned by being shot in the back or have my knee caps blown off with a click of the trigger!!! For my very first match of every playing MOH and not being use to the controls and the layout of the environment, I came out with a respectable 6 kills and 10 deaths. Unlike my COD Black Ops with 14 Deaths and 2 Kills.

I could really see me enjoying some online of MOH, it looked great, sounded great and with my time I had with it, was super fun and I don't have a clue what people are talking about bugs?!! I think people have such a hardon for COD:Black Ops that anything that is released around that game automatically falls short. Every flaw is expanded 10 fold when they start comparing.

Overall, the online was surprisingly fun and enjoyable for anyone who enjoys FPS. If anything, MOH has made me resent CODBLOPS even more...what a stupid name..CODBLOPS! Lets apply that to another game..lets try Transformers War for Cybertron. It would be TFWAYON....thats stupid, lets forget I said that.

Play for some great sound.


DJPimpDaddy said...

I concur. The EA/Battlefield/MOH franchise line has been getting it better and better every release. I though that you couldn't get any better than the audio in Bad Company 2. Then MOH came out.

I play on a high end home theater and needless to say the first time I changed the setting to "War Tapes" in B:BC2 I about blew out a few windows. My neighbors told me that it was like they were in battle when they came to watch me play multi-player.

Blake said...

that sounds fantastic!! I unfortunately don't have a sound system set up in my setup, I'm cool with that. Some day.