Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hackers Screw Everyone Else on Their PS3's

This is the loser that has caused all these problems.
One asshole ruins it for EVERYONE else!

I'm sure we've all heard the news about the PS3 being hacked recently and all the drama following it. I'm all for Sony trying to put a stop to the hackers.

But the recent update which didn't have a official" This is what's being changed" appears to have more than just banning COD: Black Ops hackers. It also prevents people from swapping out smaller HDD for larger ones.

Several months ago, I swapped out my 60Gig for a 250 Gig. Almost a year into it, have used 118 Gigs. So thinking at the rate at which I buy DLC games, I was thinking of replacing my 250 Gig with a 500 Gig.

Also Beatfreaker was going to upgrade his 80 Gig as well, I was also going to help my brother upgrade his to a larger HDD. Seeing as the biggest problem is, we buy games and game share. So my brother has already maxed out his 80Gig. Now he has to delete game saves or remove DLC games in order to try new things.

I understand that this was an attempt to stop hackers from using massive HDD and blue ray burners in assisting hacking. But the sad thing is, the hackers have already found a way around it...so the only people who are getting burned are the legit users, while the hackers continue to screw over the regular users who are just looking to expand their HDD.

This is bullshit, and I don't blame Sony. They are trying everything they can think of to stop them, but in the process we, the legit users are taking the flak for it. So if you don't already have a PS3 and are going to be an avid user, I suggest buying one of the bigger HHD models, a 350 or 500 Gig. For all the rest of us? We are stuck with what we have.

What this will do will really curb my impulse buys. Before I would buy something because it was a good deal, rather than a game that I really really wanted. In turn that's bad for Sony cause they lose revenue.

In short, Sony tries to stop hackers.....hackers find a way around the new Stop.......hackers continue to Hack....legit users get left behind. Its a crap deal all the way!!

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Jay MacEachern said...

Yeah I was completely choked to find out my unit would be in the group of those affected. Especially since I only have 10 GB's left on my own. Looks like I will be going the route of cloud saves when 3.60 hits.

Blake said...

yeah, its sad news. Don't know what they can do about it. Sure they may have detered joe bob is farting around with hacking his PS3. but the hardcore group of hackers will continue on as if it didn't even exist.

DJPimpDaddy said...

This is upsetting news. I was considering upping my HD this year too. Grrrrrrrr

Famicom Freak said...

What did that ugly loser did anyways?

Blake said...

He's the guy who jail broke the PS3 so people could play pirated burned blue ray games on their systems. He then publicly posted how to do it on his website, because he believed that there was no law saying that he couldn't.

As a result of court hearings, he has since been told to take down all info regarding the hack and hand over all of his equipment and software to sony.

But its already too late, the info is already out there. The guy is a douche.