Friday, February 25, 2011

Playing Sequels - Sometimes Not For Me

A recent comment made by a follower of the blog made think about something that I tend to do. That is Not play sequels of games because I had my fill with the first one. That got me thinking about all the games that I played and enjoyed the first one, then the second one comes out with alot of hype behind it and ends up getting great reviews, but for some reason. I have no inclination to play it.

So here is my list of games that I played the 1st and not the sequel.

BioShock 2

This is probable going to be the standard for all the games that I will follow as is.
Its more of what you already loved. That statement I think is what kills it for me in regards to making me want to play it. I already played the first one and feel that I got my fill for it, and honestly feel nothing for playing the next one. Bioshock is just that, I enjoyed the first one, but don't want to play the second one, also throwing in multiplayer makes me want to play it even less. This is a game that doesn't need multiplayer.

Infamous 2

I wasn't overly blown away with the first one, sure it was ok, but that's about it. I really have no feeling to even look at the second one at all.

Assassin's Creed Games

Even thought I enjoyed the world of the first game and they say that everything that was wrong in the first game was fixed with the new ones, I am just not interested in seeing it. To me it feels like, "here is what the game was suppose to be, now go play this one and forget the other one existed". I know that's not true, its just how I feel about it.

Mass Effect 2

I played the hell outta the first one and to jump into a rich environment like that again is alot to take on. So again, a game that I totally got my fill with the first need to play the second one.

Fallout: New Vegas

Same as Mass Effect 2, I spent a boat load of hrs in the first game. Add in the bugs of the game and freezes and potential data loss, really doesn't appeal to me at all. I enjoyed the first game alot and I don't feel I am missing anything by not playing the New Vegas.

Batman : Arkham City

I LOVED, and I mean LOVED the first game. I am really torn about playing the second one. For me , its not a new territory, its just more Batman, but now he's in the city. Sure, it be fun, but I am totally content with everything I did in the first Batman. This one waits to be seen, but right now, I may just leave it alone.

Starwars: The Force Unleashed 2

I had a ragin man urge for this game the day I saw the first trailer for it. I enjoy the starwars genre and I enjoyed the first game enough to warrant playing a second. Then the reviews and the length of the game came out, coupled with full price. Made me go from, MUST HAVE "meh, I'll wait when I see it in the bargain bin for $20 or less."

Dead Space 2

They say it surpasses the 1st one in every way. Well I really enjoyed the first one and all the video's and demo I played all makes it feel like a continuation(which it is) of the first game. Added in a multiplayer that it didn't need and it writes itself into the standard of what I don't want to play again.

Now I'm not saying that all these sequels are bad games(Force Unleashed aside). I know they are great fun and some surpass the the first games by far. So yeah, being good/great games has nothing to do with my decisions, its just the plain and simple fact, I don't feel the need to continue doing more of what I did in the first. If you haven't played any of these games, that I think if you play the 1st one or 2nd one, you will have a enjoyable experience.


Adam Timmins said...

I wouldn't go as far to say that all sequels suck. I mean yes, you do have a very valid point that some games dont need sequels. But sometimes it gives developers a second chance to put the original ideas they wanted in the first game in the second. Either because producers thought it was too risky or ran out of time. I mean establishing a universe is really hard, a sequel always gives us a second chance to really discover the universe the developers created.
I will admit some of those sequels in your list really did suck. Assassin Creed 2 is an abomination in my eyes and the Force Unleashed 2 was a four campaign? Some truly disgraceful stuff. But Mass Effect 2 is like the highest rated game out there, that clearly surpasses the original. And BioShock 2 is a personal favourite of mine because they took a completely different direction in a BioShock game.

Blake said...

I think you may have missed my point. I didn't say that any of the games are bad or suck(except Force Unleashed 2), just that I was content with what I played on the first time around that I really didn't feel compelled to play the second one.with the experience.

I know Alot of the games got great scores and I agree with people, they are great games for most of these sequels. So it has nothing to do whether a game is good or bad, just me being content with playing the the game the first time around.

Sry, if the article made it seem like I was disliking sequels because they were inferior to their originals.

Kelli said...

so there isn't one game title where the gameplay and storyline takes over your mind where you have to play the second one? Do you also feel the same way about movies?

Blake said...

You know what, there is..and it wasn't a very well received game. It was Resistance 2, after that game ended, I wanted to know what happened next.

A game that I wanted to keep playing after it was over?....I have to get back to you on that one. Lots of thinking to do. Don't want to mess up Donut mean...

As for movies, no. I don't look at them the sameway.

Adam Timmins said...

Naw I understand what you mean man. Its interesting to see that you would prefer innovated titles over sequels. Which must suck at the same time since the market is dominated with sequels.

Blake said...

Its just something that came to my attention by a comment Kelli made some time ago and got me thinking.."wow, I really do not play alot of sequels..what's up with that?"

Now I have to think of games that I wanted to keep playing after they ended.

Kelli said...

It's okay if your not into sequels. I wasn't tryna' drill you or anything. I'm not tryna change who you are and what you do.... was just curious on your answer :)

Blake said...

oh I never thought I was being drilled, just a honest question from you , I understand. Sometime I wish there was a "Tone" button that somehow could give a sentence a lite hearted response. Save alot of headaches and speculation,:)

Kelli said...

Yea, that's why I always use "lol" or ":)" alot, but don't worry I already know your a cool guy :)

Blake said...

A cool guy! I can now add you to my list of people who think I'm cool. Your number 3, right below my cat and Pug.Welcome to the list,lol

Kelli said...

Cool! I get to make some new friends