Friday, February 25, 2011

Blake's Luck

I tend to think that the luck whether it be good or bad, that someone, somewhere else in the world is having the opposite luck that I am having. Yesterday I went out to buy Killzone 3, and I stopped in to Future shop. They had a deal on that if you buy Killzone 3 you get Starship Troopers on Blue Ray for Free.

I showed up on the last day of the deal and they just happen to be all out of Starship Troopers on Blue Ray. Then today I find out that Zellars(soon to be Target) is selling Killzone 3 for $49.99 as oppose to the $59.99 elsewhere.

This kinda nonsense seems to happen to me on a regular basis. And this isn't me just focusing on the negative, I mean when something good happens its like lightening striking. It sticks in my memory as a day when something out of the blue good happened.

I guess I could take back my opened copy of killzone 3 back to Future Shop and see if I can get my money back. But knowing my luck, I will probable sell it and then go to Zellars and have them all sold out or I could get the game from Zellars first and then have Future shop not take the game back and be stuck with 2 copies. That or having them not give me full price for the game and selling it back at a loss to me. Which take into account of the savings I got at Zellars added with the loss at Future shop results into the same amount of money being spent.

I'm better off just bending over and saying," world? please use lube this time?"


rowen26 said...

Is the Zellers price in a printed flyer?

I believe that Futureshop has a "lowest-price" policy. So if you go to customer service and bring your receipt with a proof that Zellers is selling it for less, they might give you some money back to match the price.

Blake said...

That is a great idea!!

Like Jim Cary said in Dumb and Dumber, "even though old people are dangerous behind the wheel, they do still serve a purpose"...Thanks Ian!!

Jaison said...

:( Awwww, 10 dollars. 10 Dollars can buy many Peanuts.

Blake said...

And look who is sitting pretty with some peanuts and who doesn't,lol