Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My 21st Platinum - Legends of WrestleMania

This was possibly one of easiest platinum's I had ever gotten, quickest at that aswell.
For me, just playing through the regular modes in the game can get you all the trophies. There's no need to do something silly or counting the number of hits or kicks one does. Simply play all the game modes, which if you are a fan of the genre should be no problem and for me was the most entertaining part of the game.

I was really surprised when I finished the last mode and 3 trophies popped up, then the platinum. I had no idea that I was even close to getting it. So, if you are fan of the series of 80's wrestling and enjoy trophy collecting, then this gem is for you.

If you don't enjoy wrestling and are just a trophy whore, then prepare yourself for mediocre game play and alot of slogging through matches with wrestlers that you know nothing about. I can't imagine this game being fun if you didn't grow up liking WWF wrestling.

That done, it was a pleasant surprising platinum.


Kelli said...

OK, you called me out..... I been curled up in a corner because.... I don't have a platinum trophy yet (*shrieks)... I enjoyed wrestling back when I was growing up but now I'm more into MMA. But I am working on my trophy for borderlands.. so I can feel that I earned one.

Blake said...

yeah, I bugged the hell outta Ian(Rowan) to get a platinum. And he did, its something I think all gamers should do at least once.

Kelli said...

I've been trying for months to get a platinum and it seems there is always some things in certain games I cannont do.... especially when it comes to getting trophies from playing online, and I'm not even that good at online games... well... except assassin's creed brotherhood, that is the best online game i ever played.. finally something other than shooting... I get to anonymously assassinate people.