Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Late - I Should Be In Bed- Instead I Finished Killzone 3

I got Killzone 3 on Thursday and I finished it Saturday night. The single player campaign that is, I'd imagine that the multiplayer is alot more involved.

Overall....I was quite happy with what I played. It was fun and I can't wait to go through it again on Elite mode, because you know I love getting shot in the head again and again. Besides, I am thinking about platniming this game. Since I couldn't platinum killzone 2 because of that stupid get in the top 1% of all players world wide for that week( I'm normal....I don't play games 8 hrs a day)

I feel that this time around I take a shot at the 3rd one. Haven't really looked at the trophies yet, just enjoying the game for what it is on its first play through. Great fun!!...gonna give online a go and get back to ya's when I get through it a little more. But first, its late...sleepy time.


Edward said...

You know what's weird?
I'm also up late and should be in bed right now cause I got class early tomorrow!
Damn, we're spoiled!

Daisy said...

Sounds like a sweet game. Can't wait for your online review on it!

Kelli said...

That's one of the top reason's I don't have a platinum trophy because they ask for conditions that I know I can't meet... but one day.... one day I will have a platinum trophy

Blake said...

@Edward - Spoiled like a waitt..that doesn't even make sense...forget I said anything...move along..nothing to see here..move along please.

@Daisy - I like to say that all reviews from Pacroid come with fireworks and 15% chance of fish heads.

@Kelli - Weeelllllll, if you are really hurting to have a platinum of your very own. You could rent Hannah Montana the Movie-the Game. You can literally get a platinum trophy is less than 3 hrs.BUT BE WARNED.....having this platinum makes you one of two things, possible both. A trophy whore or a Hannaha Montana Fan. But perhaps you are a which case...good on you!:)

Kelli said...

I actually like little Miley she can sing her heart out but not enough to play that, lol. I would love to be a trophy whore but I think a trophy whore would actually mean someone who is getting trophies so i don't fit that description..
and Hmmmm how would YOU know about the Hannah Montana the movie trophy???? is this trophy in your collection?????

Blake said...

nah, just do a trophy compare on my psn, you can see all the trophies I have and which games I have them in.

As far as knowing about Ms Montanna? I don't consider myself a trophy whore, as someone who will play anything to get trophies. I do like trophy hunting, as trying to do challenges set out to you by the developer and getting a trophy that way is always fun.

So alot of the time I may have trouble getting a particular trophy and I go online to search for help. In my adventures in Internet land, if you do partake in the trophy hunting community, then one of the Dont's regarding trophy hunters and trophy whores is set apart by Hannah Montana