Monday, February 28, 2011

Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers - NES

I think by the time I played this game, I was under the conclusion that all NES were just naturally difficult. Not so with Chip and Dale, sure it wasn't stupid easy either, but it was just enough challenge to make it fun that even after finishing it, there were levels that I wanted to go back and replay.

Being as it was co-op a buddy could join, but unlike most co-op games on the NES, if one person wasn't up to par then more than likely, your buddy was going to hold back the progression of the game. Not so here, the game was noob friendly enough that the other person didn't need to be a stellar gamer to pick up and play. It was very friendly to new comers, easy enough to learn and never became so hard that it was unplayable with friends.

The Disney games that came out like these all seemed to be great little gems. The Duck Tales games were great fun and again, weren't super hard but just enough fun to keep you coming back for more.

Rescue rangers was a game that I think I beat multiple times, unlike some other NES games once I finished them I never went back to them because they were so friggin hard. Chip and Dale holds a small place in my heart.


Big D said...

Oh man, this game was such a part of my childhood. My brother and I would play it for hours.

Blake said...

It was a great game to make you feel like you could beat all NES games..

Kelli said...

I thought I was the only one that thought NES games were hard. I have the game Sonics Ultimate... (something i forget the name) and it has all these old games from the 80's and 90's like ecco the dolphin, vectorman, streets of rage, and lots lots more (I know these are genesis titles) but as I was playing them I couldn't get past like the fourth or fifth level on some of them, but I can wiz through an RPG game like it was nothing.. I think its because we are given too many chances to succeed in beating the game, while the older games you have a specific number of tries, and if you fail you start over. I feel our skills are challenged by playing some of the older games, and if we can get past them we can do anything.

Blake said...

Yeah, I have the same game, with all the genesis titles. Its should try and platinum that one, it wasn't that bad actually. And it forces you to play oldschool mentality, a great title.

Georg Hendrix said...

I agree that some (many) NES games was just stupid hard.. Metal Gear? Kid Icarus? TMNT 1? Contra? Ninja Gaiden? Sure, many was good games and looked like games for kids but I can bet that most 30 year olds (+) would have a HARD time beating these games.. that 8 year olds actually could beat Metal Gear is something beyond belief in my world! ..

On the Chip N' Dales.. I borrowed this game as a kid from a friend to the family for a year. I manage to finish it like every day for 4-5 months! So yeah... I got pretty good at it. To me, it's the perfect game for a kid. The scenery looks just like a cartoon, the controls a great, the levels are easy but can have some challenge, the combo-gaming is to this day one of the best in the business, the music is more catchy than anything on radio! I love the game. Sure, it's easy especially compared to most NES titles.. but nonetheless a great game AND I acutally bought it as an "adult" just so my kids (if I get them) one day can play it =)

Blake said...

Now a days, I don't have the time to put into beating NES games the old fashion way.

Instead, I play them mostly on Emulators using save states. Its still bloody hard, but I don't have to go all the way back to the start anymore.