Friday, February 11, 2011

Dante's Inferno - PS3

This was the game I got when I traded in COD-Black Ops. In my opinion a good trade. I wanted to play this game ever since it came out. Just something about the meat of the game, the seven deadly sins, the 10th circle of hell and all the characters associated with it. Characters associated with actually history as well. For me, this was very interesting and I wanted to see how they interpreted all of this.

Well it was a little of both ends of the spectrum, some of the stuff was really interesting and other things were just kinda of there. For example I wanted to see how they handled the levels/enemies and bosses for the lust and gluttony levels.

The first thing you will notice is that game does not hold back on the nudity and violence. You thought God of War was violent...I'm sorry, but GOW doesn't hold a candle to the F'd up stuff in Dante's Inferno. Lets put it this way, I let my son watch me play the God of War games and he turned his head at certain parts of the game, but for the most part he watched it from start to finish with me.

Dante's Inferno, I don't think we were a min into the game when I told he couldn't watch and that tension, never let up. Every 5 min, there was something very disturbing on the screen. So I had to say, "sorry, this is a little more intense than the God of War can't watch this"

For example, there is a enemy which is a naked women with her boobs out, she seductively moves around the room moaning and groaning( and not the "in pain" moans and groans), she then starts feeling herself up and bends over when a giant dick with a spike on the tip explodes from her vagina when she bends over........I've seen some pretty f'd up things in a game before. But I think this one takes the cake...well done Dante''ve won the messed up award.

I read that alot of people think that the violence and nudity in the game was done just so they could do it. But I disagree...they are in hell. Some of the most horrific things one can imagine and not imagine happens down there. So for someone to say, I thought the goings on in the game was over the top and for no reason other than "because they can" takes away from the game......ITS IN HELL you morons!!!...I think its a perfect example of the insane shit that would go on in there.

So if that's is too much for some people, then by all means, you've done your job.

Sheesh, I spent all this time talking about the offensive nature of the game and not the game itself, so let condense this.

1) It plays like God of War but without all the combos.
2) Instead of combo's it has a holy and unholy skill tree
3) He gets magic that can be upgraded
4) He gets items that gives him all sorts of boost. From, more XP, Counters, more damage, etc
5) Upgrade his skills with his main weapon
6) Lots of things to collect
7) My favorite thing to do in the game is absolve or punish souls, which you collect for leveling up your items and your skill trees.
8) You can ride big nasties
9) The enemies are sick and perverted ( like hell should be)
10)The cut scenes look great

Not so Goods

1) The enemies recycle in the later levels, I was surprised when I saw lust demons in the gluttony level.
2) Certain areas have jumping platforms which can result in death due to poor camera.
3) Sound - in game is really loud and the in game cutscenes are really low when people are talking. I was constantly turning the sound up and down.

Overall, I really had a good time playing this game. For one, don't go comparing this to God of War in terms of enjoyment. Instead its a 3rd person action adventure game, with its own set of rules and palette. I will admit that the violence will take some lite hearted people off guard, heck it took me off guard and i watch some pretty gory horror movies.

With that done, I looked at my trophies and all the ones I have left are the collection trophies. So I may try to platinum this one as well, I do after all have all the hard trophies done just playing through the game. But hell, I hate collection trophies.

I like this game, it was a good trade from Black Ops. Buyer beware, you are going to visit Hell and its not going to be pretty.


Adam Timmins said...

I thought the only thing this game was going for was the storyline, when I saw my friend playing the ending I thought it was some kind of sick joke.

Blake said...

Maybe the story writers were trying to stay true to the poem. For me I can't make sense of most poems anyway, all the thou's and thee's and Farthknee and farthpoo.

That's my two cents, who knows.

BankerWil said...

But the question is, is it good?

Blake said...

BankerWil-best name ever,lol

Yeah, I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed God of War 3!