Friday, January 21, 2011

Selling My Copy of COD: Black Ops

First off, I feel horrible for one reason and one reason only for doing this. This game was gift from my brother this Christmas. But I hope he understands that I did play it, finish it and enjoyed parts of it immensely. But now that the single player campaign is done and I've had my fill of zombie mode. I feel like I am done, I didn't enjoy the online aspect of it. Now with all the rumors or facts in some cases of Activision threatening and bitching about consumers thoughts on the game and saying they will shut down the online aspect of the game.

Then I really don't want this game any more. I rather sell it today and get some money from it then later on and get 20 bucks for it.

I called EB games (cause I still like to find out what they offer for a laugh) to check there trade in value of the game. I thought it was funny, when I was selling my 2 year old 60 Gig Xbox 360 they were willing to give me $40. And for my copy of Black Ops, they are also offering me $40. I think that's funny as hell, for $40 you can own a complete game console or one video game. They are fucked in the head.

But $40 is not a bad trade in for a game, so I think I will take a little trip to EB and trade it on something else. Good bye Mr Black ops. With that, COD: Black Ops will be the last COD I will ever play, I have no interest in seeing/playing or giving money to a franchise that is overpriced and over hyped.

Unless someone wants to buy it for $40, I prefer sell it to a human being than the morons at EB. Give us a shout if you are interested.