Thursday, January 6, 2011

Marvel Pinball - PSN

This game is from the guys who make the Zen pinball games and apparently they are really good games. I don't know, I've never played them, but they have alot of theme type pinball games which get decent to good ratings.

Then I saw the marvel pinball right after I got the X-men Arcade Game and being already marveled up, I though," Yeah, I'll give these a try, always up for a new genre of games." Being the last time I played a pinball game was on the Sega Dreamcast and it wasn't that spectacular.

In my opinion you don't have to be a fan of pinball games to enjoy these types of game, but I think it does help to enjoy the content which they are displayed in. I haven't played any of the original Zen pinball games mainly due- I wasn't interested in pinball games to begin with. But they were adding all types of new themed tables that were catching my eye.

So when they came out with Marvel pinball, and being a fan of Marvel comics(although I haven't read a comic in over a decade - I still like the franchise) It was really interesting to see what they were offering.

I was really surprised with these games, they are great fun..surprisingly fun. You start out with 4 Hero based themes, Spiderman, Wolverine, Ironman and Blade. Each table is just not new art work slapped on a table, its a whole individual build. Each with neat animations and trials to try and hit.

Winning in these games means getting to know your flippers. You have to know where on the flipper the ball needs to be to hit in order to fire it in a certain direction and how hard to hit the ball. And the only way to get to know these things is to practice.

For anyone who has ever played a real pinball table all know the horrible sinking ball straight down the middle between 2 flippers. That kinda stuff happens here aswell.

But its a part of the game.SO you can also tilt the table as well to make the ball go slightly left or right.

Like I said before, there are a ton of stuff to do in each table, each one has its own set of things to do and they are all pretty challenging until you get used to the flippers. I had a great time and am still enjoying the game.

But when I read online about the reviews for this game, it got some pretty low scores. Saying that its the weakest of the Zenball games. So is it that I am enjoying the theme with which these games are portrayed in that makes me like it more than I should? They say the missions are weak, there's no weight to the ball, all things that I honestly didn't even notice.

So I ask them.....Does this mean fans of the Zen pinball games will find their latest installment not as good as the originals? But fans of the marvel theme and having never played any other zen pinball game with thoroughly enjoy?

I would have to say I fall into the later. Never having played a Zen pinball game and enjoying the marvel theme, I am really enjoying playing this version of Zen pinball. So my recommendation is, if you want to try a new genre of game and enjoy marvel, then Marvel Pinball may be for you? It was for me!