Friday, January 7, 2011

Call of Duty: Black Ops - PS3

One of the games I got for Christmas from my brother, so thank you sir. I feel I have to split this game up into 3 parts because I feel completely different about each of its components.

Single Player Campaign.

I heard people say who don't play FPS that all FPS single player games feel the same to them. Normally I don't agree with that statement cause the same can be said of any game by someone who doesn't play that genre. For example all racing games to me feel the same. But for this game I think I have to agree with the above statement.

It feels like a standard FPS single player campaign. Is this a bad thing? - No. If you enjoy FPS then you probable enjoy the single player campaign of black ops. Is it spectacular so good that it sets it apart from all the other FPS and is a must play for all gamers? - No. It was good, not great and not bad. I enjoyed the gameplay, I thought the story line was annoying I just wanted to skip all that nonsense but thought I might as well listen to it to have some idea why I am doing what I am.

So in the end, its your average FPS single player campaign.

Zombie Mode

This is possible one of the funnest experiences I've ever had in any game.But there are key elements that you need to do to really get the most out of this mode. You need to communicate and work together, if not you will not last long in zombie mode. Its better if you play with friends and chat with them rather than random people. Even if one person isn't co-operating than it just becomes overwhelming and you can expect to die alot.

There are 2 zombie modes, one is a standard FPS and the other is a TDS(top down shooter) Both require communication but the FPS more so. I happen to being playing with my brother and my cousin and we are in constant communication and always planning what we are going to do next and it makes the game that much more enjoyable. Such as who will take the front, what weapon to upgrade next, where to make a stand, RUN!!..RUN!!. Running will be the thing you do the most.

Great fun with friends who are working together, annoying with strangers who aren't co-operating. For me this is the best feature of Black Ops


I consider myself a above average FPS player. I start any single player campaign on hard and usually can come in the top 5 of most leader boards. I don't know if I am missing a manual or if I am shooting blanks online? But getting killed 12 times in a row makes me question what the hell am I doing wrong?

My cousin Mike told me that it gets easier when you get better weapons. So I played for 4 hrs and got to level 10, bought some new perks and new guns and I still was dieing left right and center. For me it boiled down to being just too arcadey, if you met anyone who already had their iron sites up and you fired from the hip then yes, I understand the death.

But seeing some guy run into you and you both raise your guns at the same time and then seeing in the kill cam that you died because you were getting shot in the knee caps and being put down just as quick as a head shot seems a little unfair. I guess being used to battlefield makes Black Ops feel like the road runner of online fighting.

Battlefield I can shoot a guy, run out of bullets, take my handgun out for a quick put down. Blackops, more than likely you will not survive a full gun clip, let alone long enough to empty a clip and still pull out a handgun and put down the guy.

Then there's getting shot in the back. I spawn- start to run, only to get shot in the back from the direction I just ran from. 75% of my deaths were those types of deaths. So the game wants me to camp? I detest camping.

Then there is the sense of everybody is just out for themselves. Yes there are assist bonus, but none of them are things that people don't intentional due such as kill a guy who was just about to kill a teammate, or kill a guy who just killed one of your guys or helped out shooting another guy. It seems very individual based, even the hold the flag or disarm the bomb maps all felt very disconnected from my team mates. Everyone running around doing their own thing, no one is talking and when I do hear people talk...well.

TALKING!!!.......I played for 4 hrs and the only people who were using their mics were boys under the age of 16. They all sounded like they have yet to reach puberty. The conversation is never about the actual game of , lets go here and do this and set up here and watch my back. Its all,"Oh this map is my favorite, I'm gonna pwn all you bitches here!!". I understand not all kids are online aresoles , some are pretty decent and friendly enough to play with. But going into this type of game one also has to understand that you are probable going to run into fowl mouth testosterone fueled brat.

I bring this up mainly because when I play online with battlefield, the majority people who are online are older people and when I do hear them talking, its usually about the game at hand.

I just didn't enjoy playing online even with all the options to customize and collect money for perks and such. I just didn't enjoy the online aspect of Black Ops, it wasn't fun. The quick kills, the getting shot in the back, the kids yelling and screaming at everyone all made for a very poor online experience.

For me, I really didn't like playing Black Ops online. Its not my type of multiplayer experience, I am much more co-operative friendly based. So for me, although I am seem to be disagreeing with over a billion copies sold. Black Ops multiplayer was not fun or enjoyable on any level.

So that brings the game to a conclusion. Can one say if this game is bad or good? I don't think so, there were parts in it that was OK, a part that I loved and a part that I didn't like at all. (notice I'm not saying the game was bad, just that I personally didn't like it?!?!)

But, you are getting alot for you money and I still do think that despite the parts that I didn't like. I still think that this game is worth the full price. There is alot going on in this title that could keep one happy for a long time. Lots to do, lots to do. But for me, it clearly is broken up into its own parts which I did and did not like.

This is me getting shot again and again.


Kelli said...

YES! YES! YES! that is why I don't like playing online games that much. People's ego's get in the way of making the game enjoyable. Not only that but i also agree on the teamwork part. Somehow I always end up on the loosing team, the team who go their which-a-way everytime the match starts , and everytime I turn the corner a group (called a team) busts me full of holes.

I once heard a racist comment not towards me though but I did shake my head at the statement. I wish there were some way to filter out horrible people. Not that I can't take take trash talking which I'm cool with a little fire as long as it is friendly at the end.

Blake said...

I don't think they will ever make a filter for things like that. Although I too would like one...I did like the PC take on the medal of honor online where people can make their own matches with titles such as "Friendly Matches" "Noob Friendly" " Hardcore only".

It really helped in playing with a liked mind group of people and if someone came in and starting lipping off, then you just boot them from the game. It was great!

Kelli said...

"Noob friendly" I like that. but I guess the makers of call of duty are not worried about no filters. I guess their saying is "If you can't take the heat, stay out the kitchen", lol.

Blake said...

yeah, I don't think they care either. They currently have a strangle hold on the market with that franchise as is.

I don't see any change and because of that, Black Ops will probable be my last Call of Duty purchase.