Monday, December 13, 2010

Uncharted 2 -Among Thieves : Game of the Year Edition- PS3

Like Borderlands game of the year, I also picked up the Uncharted 2 game of the year for $39.99. It comes with over $35 worth of DLC but in my opinion the DLC is only for big fans of the series. There was nothing that added to the single player experience like Borderlands did. It was all multiplayer based stuff.

What you get are new skins for multiplayer, new maps, avatars for your psn and motion comics and if you own a PSP you get Uncharted Pinball. So for me, there was nothing extra that I really wanted. Sure if I was big into the multiplayer aspect of Uncharted and played it alot then the new skins and maps would be a welcome change. But I tried the multiplayer and its ok, nothing spectacular, I prefer my FPS over the 3rd person shooters when it comes to online play.

What I got in the end when I finally finished the game was this,"Yeah, it was a good game, it looks amazing, good story....I just don't like that particular genre of games - The treasure hunter games." Its all personal preference at this point. I am just not a fan of tomb raideresque jumping and climbing raiders of the lost ark type games. ( I do like the Indiana Jones movies though)

The same can be said for any tomb raider, Indiana Jones dungeon/jungle hunter. This game makes me scared to play Metal Gear Solid on the PS3, sheesh if everyone is saying that game is more movie than game and I think Uncharted is a little too much movie for me. Then clicking triangle to progress a movie along while disguising it as some game doesn't appeal to me.

Perhaps I'm being to harsh on it, IT IS a good/great game. I just don't like the genre, plain and simple. Its because of this final play through of Uncharted 2 this will be the last in its series that I play. Uncharted 3 will forever more sit on the store shelf.


Kelli said...

Uncharted 2 was a really great game. If I haven't expanded beyond RPG's then I would have missed out on a great game. There were two things I hated about it, 1. the little big furry, scary looking money thingys, and the multiplayer.

Blake said...

I had fun with it, but like fallout 3. AFter I completed it it felt like I had my fill , no need to continue with fallout new vegas or uncharted 3.

Kelli said...

so i guess the storylines don't interest you much huh?

Blake said...

In regards of video game stories, surely it is one of the better ones.

But When it comes to video games stories, growing up NES where you were lucky to even see anything resembling a story or some awful end cutscene with "Congrats - you beat the game, thanks for playing"

What we see in today's games compared the past games is down right Oscar worthy ,lol.

Kelli said...

I totally agree with you. Some video games have better stories than most movies.

Blake said...

Then the game gets made into a movie staring Marky Mark and his funky bunch and the directory changes the story.