Monday, December 13, 2010

My 19th Platinum - Uncharted 2-Among Thieves : Game of the Year Edition

It terms of difficulty of getting this platinum, it wasn't any easier or harder than the first game. The hardest thing that you will have to do in this game is beat it on crushing mode. And boy do they ever mean crushing.

I have the same complaint with this game that I had with the first one and that is the cover system. It works fine on normal and hard. But holy moly does it ever screw you big time on crushing mode. You cannot make any mistakes when jumping from cover to cover or running and rolling to safety. COUNTLESS times I died because I meant to jump over a block and instead he took cover in front of it _ IN THE DIRECTION OF THE GUN FIRE. Which results in death.

You can take one full frontal barrage of gun fire then you have to duck and hide. Make your head shots count, pick your targets and prioritize their treat level and respond appropriately. I died alot, and I mean alot when it came to the gun fight battles. You really have to strategize how you are going to defeat a group of enemies. Which adds a whole new level to gameplay and its this reason that I really like playing on crushing mode. You just can't run and a take cover and start shooting randomly at enemies - You will DIE!!

Other than that, the other trophies are pretty easy. The only other one that wasn't hard, but just a pain in the ass was fine all the treasures, all 100 of them. (click here for a list of videos showing you where to find them if you stuck) What I dislike the most in any game is item hunting, blarg. But this game finally rewards you like the games used to do in the past. SPOILER - When you get all the treasures you unlock Genghis Khan as a Multiplayer skin. Getting Platinum in the game unlocks Marco Polo as a Multiplayer skin. So at least they give you something in game for your troubles this time around. End Spoiler

Besides find 100 of these boring things, all the trophies were pretty fun to get and I didn't feel bored trying to get them. It was enjoyable and playing on crushing although was challenging and even frustrating at times was a real treat for anyone looking to test themselves.

With that I got my 19th Platinum


Kelli said...

congrats on your 19th platinum :)

Blake said...

Thank ums!