Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Learned Magic The Gathering on PSN

Once back in 1997, I played for a very brief time in my life, the Starwars card game. It was surprising easy to catch on too and was fun. The problem was finding others who were interested in taking the time to learn a somewhat complicated game. So needless to say I didn't continue playing it beyond that year.

Since then I have encountered (thanks to my younger brother and my kid) other card games such as Pokemon, Yugi-O and Digimon card games. All of which seemed much more complicated than the Starwars card game I learned back in 97. I even picked up a Marvel Trading card game for the Nintendo DS because deep down, I do find them somewhat interesting.I would have to say,I wouldn't be a addict or pro, but for a pick up and play game, it does the job. But even that Marvel game was so stupid difficult to understand that not even reading the manual several times and playing the tutorial couldn't make me understand what the hell was going on.

So when a Demo of Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers came out on the PSN, Yes - I was interested. To my surprise the demo does a fantastic job of teaching you how to play. The visuals aids and descriptions of what to play and when to play it was great. After 1 run through the tutorial, I was able to play my first game. It was easy to learn and surprisingly fun.

Like most people, I look at Magic the Gathering game as a game for a another breed of dorks/geeks. Where I am a gamer geek, my interest dabble here and there in other areas. By no means will I be running out and buying my own card set and planning Magic the Gathering play sessions at the local comic store. But for a demo, it does a good enough job to make me want to play this casually on the PSN.

My only thought on this is that if I play online, more than likely I will be playing against fans of the game already, which will probable end up in me getting me ass handed to me per game. The game does ask you before you start "how much do you know of Magic" Which is either, None, some, or alot. So choosing None hopefully will set you up with others like myself.

All in all, I had fun and me and my son had a great time playing co-op against the computer and getting our assess handed to us. In the end, we had a wall of thorns protecting us while the computer had 8 enemies on the board...............we died Gloriously!!

Angry Joe does a great job describing the game and almost exactly of how I feel about the game.


Nintendoheap said...

Cool. I used to collect both Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh! cards. I think i still have them packed up somewhere upstairs. I hear those card game based video games are very addictive - i've played this one a few times myself >>>

Blake said...

Being a download and $10, I think I may actually pick this one up. Its different type of gameplay and I like trying new things.