Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My 17th Platinum - Borderlands : Game of the Year Edition

Borderlands was a really fun game, but boy am I glad its over. I started playing a new game after I finished this one and my first thought was,"I should be playing some Borderlands". I guess its like crack.

Obtaining the platinum is not all that hard with the game of the year edition for one main reason. It extends the game time which makes it easier to obtain those grinding trophies. The only trophy that is difficult to get and its not because its hard, its just time consuming, is to reach level 50.

When I finished the regular story of Borderlands I was at level 32. So if you owned just the regular copy you would have to restart the story again in hard mode to go up some levels. Where if you had the DLC, you wouldn't have to worry about grinding. You could just enjoy yourself with the new stories and your character levels up along the way. But that only takes you so far.

After I completed all the DLC I was at level 47, which when you get up to the higher levels it really takes alot of XP to rank up. So to get the final 3 levels I played the General Knoxx DLC on hard and it took about 2-3 hrs to get my last 3 levels.

So with that I got my 17th Platinum and on the something new, yaaayyy!