Monday, November 15, 2010

Claptrap's New Robot Revolution - DLC - Borderlands - PS3

Wow! was I surprised of how short this DLC was, I mean after coming off from the the General Knoxx DLC of 25-30 hrs. Playing this in 6-8 was a big surprise! I was honestly legitimately surprised when I got to the last mission. I was thinking,"Yeah, that's not the end, there's going to be something else". But nope!! Now I'm not saying that because its not over 15 hrs its bad, I was just surprised at the length of the story.

This DLC is not as in depth as Dr Zed or General Knoxx DLC, sure it as new items, weapons and new enemies and locations but on a much smaller scale than all the rest. This DLC as you trying to stop the Claptraps from taking over Pandora, so its suppose to feel like this big epic adventure to save the planet, but really feels like a side story to the overall world.

The Claptrap voice work is really well done, like Knoxx, its funny and has you looking forward to more interactions with them. But the overall missions feel like a side note has you explore the new territories. All the new locations feel more like FPS online shooter maps, lots of buildings, tight quarter's, it really does feel like they were designing new maps for a lot of Co-op action. The new locations are okay.

Infact that's my overall census on this DLC, its okay! I was disappointed in the trophies for this DLC. 5 of the trophies had you collecting dropped items from the claptraps that you killed. Such as gas cans, fish, pizza, underwear, 3D glasses, etc. But none of these do anything for you, they are just stuff for you to collect. Collect so many of this or combination of that one to get this trophy. Because they drop these items so rarely, its going to take a long time to fill that list.

So I guess that's how they were hoping to keep people going back to this DLC, make them run around and collect items, LAME!!!

I see the story they were tying to do, a big robot revolution , save the world with the overtone of that guy from Cuba, but it doesn't get there. Honestly, I was just glad to have completed the final DLC.

Overall this one falls just short of being what the DLC 1, 3 were. Its not bad, but after getting all that content from DLC 1,3. To get a little taste from this one just seems like a disappointment. This DLC is what you mostly expect from any DLC for any game, and that's an extra 4-8 hrs. I have to say I was looking forward to the final DLC, and came away disappointed. In my opinion, DLC 1 and 3 are the ones that if you are going to buy are the ones to get. DLC 4 if you really are a big Borderlands fan and DLC 2, if you like boring killing them over and over and over again levels.