Monday, November 29, 2010

Assassin'd Creed : Brotherhood - PS3

This is more of a question post...

I've started playing AC:B this weekend on the PS3 and I've noticed something really annoying.
During most of the game where you are in sunlight, there is a white gradient haze that goes from the top of the screen to about halfway down. And this isn't an effect, because 1) it looks REALLY crappy and washed out the whole top part of the screen and 2) even in cutscenes, it goes OVER the characters. So it's not a "distance" effect.

I thought it might have been part of the HUD, though why that would be I don't know. But turning off the HUD proved to no effect and the gradient is still there.

I've been searching around the web and this issue has happened to a few people. Though I'm surprised it isn't more wide-spread. And so far, the only "solution" that was suggested was to turn down the brightness so that it's less apparent .... yeah. Not doing that.
I've also looked at the Ubisoft support page, but as usual it seems nothing bad gets posted there and so it is utterly useless.

I found an example of what it looks like.

Anybody else experienced that issue? Or heard of official solutions or fixes for it or coming?


pmaestro said...

i heard the xbox version doesn't have that problem as it's infallible :)

Blake said...

My Xbox cured Aids and feed all the starving people in Africa and that was just in one afternoon. ;)