Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Zombie Island of Dr Ned - DLC Borderlands - PS3

I jumped right into the first DLC immediately after finishing the main story. The first adaptation takes you to a island that is filled with Zombies, but there is a story here of a Doc who likes to play with medication and all hell breaks loose.

You get whole new set pieces done in a style that sorta reminds me of a Tim Burtonesque feel but with a green glow overtone complete with pumpkins and twisted trees. It really looks good and feels great for the overall atmosphere of the DLC pack. The story is also well done and makes you want to figure out how all of this happened and who got turned into WereSkags and where do I find them to kill them.

Throw in few new bosses, a bunch of new locations new guns and items, new trophies and this is a great buy for $9.99. There is alot of content and your looking at 10 plus hrs to finish this add on. Or if you got the game of the year edition, you got it a great price.

If you played the original game and haven't tried any of the DLC, the The Zombie Island of Dr Ned is a fantastic start for trying out a DLC addon. I really enjoyed this one and honestly would have liked to seen it continue with more stories and locations and bosses. Being its also around Halloween, it just felt right to play. Shooting the brains out of zombies is always fun.